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😃Happy festival Pongal 2020 - Pongal 🎊Festival same ⌚time every year 🗒Date and Muhurat 2020-21 - Astroyogit

🌝Happy Pongal 2020-21, Pongal is🎊 celebrated at the same time every year, at the start of the Tamil month, Thai.
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🎀 The festival begins on either🗒 January 13 or 14 and it takes place over four days.

🎉Festivals pongal  In 2020, the 💥Pongal dates are January 14-17. The main festivities occur on January 15 (known as Surya Pongal or Thai Pongal).

🔖Pongal is a four-day long harvest 🎉festival 💝celebrated mostly in the states of South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. 

It’s🎁 celebrated in the ⛄winters when the sun reaches at the extremes of the southern hemisphere and ☄starts returning to the northern hemisphere (as per🕉 Hindu calendar). 

🕎Pongal will begin on the 15th of 🗒January and will continue till the 18th of January.

When Is 🕎Pongal Festiival 2020 🎁Celebrated.

👉How Pongal is celebrated

⛳The word “Pongal” is associated with rice and means “to boil”. 

The day is generally🎁 celebrated as a gesture of appreciation toward the Sun 👍God for successful harvest. 

It is for this reason that🔖 people boil rice in milk and 🎀offer it to the sun before the commencement of the festival.

✏Since it’s a four-day🎉 festival, each day has its own significance. 

✒The first day is called the Bhogi 🎉festival and is observed to honour🔥 Lord Indra. 

A 💥popular custom on this day is to burn all the useless items in a household by throwing them in a bonfire made of🎋 wood, cakes, and cow dung.

The📟 second day of the 🎉festival is known as Thai Pongal. This is the day when people offer rice and 🥛milk boiled together to the Sun God. 

People also decorate their🏘 house entrances with Kolam. 

It’s usually done early in the 🌄morning after taking a bath.

The third day is🎭 celebrated as Mattu🔥 Pongal where people indulge in🎊 worshipping cows. 

As per the myth, Lord Shiva sent his bull—Basava to earth to send across the message that Shiva wants the mortals to take oil massage and bath daily and eat once a month. 

✒Basava got confused and🎉 conveyed just the opposite💌 massage. 

Shiva, as punishment, asked Basava to return to the earth forever and help people produce more food by ploughing the 👬fields.

✏The fourth and the final day is 🎀celebrated as Kaanum Pongal. 

🗒On this day, the leftovers🍎 (food) are placed on a washed turmeric leaf along with sugarcane and betel leaves. 

The women then perform a ritual praying for the prosperity of their👫 brothers.

A huge🎁 festival down south, 🔥Pongal is also known for its special traditional dishes. 

Witness this🎁 festival if you are in South🇮🇳 India in the month of January.

🔥Pongal 2020 In🇮🇳 India, From Tuesday, 15 January To Friday, 18 January

🔥Pongal is a popular🕉 Hindu festival 🎀celebrated in all parts of the country by different names.

Tamil Nadu, a south Indian🇮🇳 state, is famous for celebrating the festival of 🔥Pongal that lasts for 4 days.

The 🎉festival is usually observed in the month of January every year. 

It brings happiness to the people being the first 🎁festival of the Gregorian 🗒calendar. 

🔥Pongal is primary a thanksgiving to the 🌄Sun God for harvest. 

According to the Tamil🗒 calendar,🔥 Pongal is celebrated from 15 January to 18 January. 

🎋This relates to the final day of the Tamil month Maargazhi.

🔥Pongal denotes the beginning of the 🌄sun’s six-month long voyage northwards. 

✏This also relates to the Indic solstice when the sun professedly arrives the 10th 🏘house of the🇮🇳 Indian zodiac Makara. 

The🎊 festival is fundamentally 🎁celebrated to express appreciation to the Sun God for an efficacious harvest. 

The origins of the🎁 festival of 🔥Pongal might date to more than 1,000 years ago. 

✒A portion of the🎀 celebration is the sweltering of the first rice of the season. 

Pongal is also the name of a sweetened🍱 dish of rice boiled with lentils, which is prescriptively consumed on the 🎁festival day.

🗞Public Life During 🔥Pongal Holidays

Pongal is a religious🗞 holiday in central and south India for employees, but is not a gazetted holiday in India🇮🇳. 

✒However, colleges and 🏢schools in these regions remain closed for all fours of the 🎋festival. 

🕴Businesses related to agricultural may remain closed. Pongal has various names. 

The most 🔖common variations include Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Poki, Bihu and Hadaga.

 The🎀 festivities of 🔥Pongal varies slightly in celebration. 

The common🎭 symbols associated with the 🎁festival include the sun, the chariot, wheat grains and the sickle. 

Employees may make a restricted number of restricted holidays, but 🛂government offices and most businesses remain open.

🗞Three Best Destinations To Visit During🔥 Pongal Holidays In 2020

The following are the top five🔢 destinations you can commute to witness the Pongal fervor in Tamil Nadu:
Madurai: Madurai pageants the true essence of the festivities of Pongal with numerous fields and🏕 temples.

Visiting the 🏕temples in the city of Madurai is a great experience during 🔥Pongal holidays despite the crowds.

👉Tanjavur: Tanjavur is a special destination with decorated houses and kolams. 

A special event to look out for is the 🎁celebration of Brihadeeshwar Temple’s Maatu Pongal.

👉Pollachi: Pollachi is sited at a distance of 44 kilometers from the city of Coimbatore.

 ✏It is the gateway to 🎭several scenic tourist places in the surrounding area.

👉Pongal - Pongal is an important 🎀festival native to South India, particularly Tamil Nadu that marks the commencement of the harvest season or the🌄 sun's northward movement. 

Marking the onset of the new season, the 🔥Pongal festival is a great way of ushering in the new by wiping out old clutter and 🙏welcoming the year with new crops. 

The☢ literal translation of the🌐 word 'Pongal' means "boiling over" or "spilling over" in Tamil, which in Indian🇮🇳 tradition is a way of denoting abundance and prosperity. 

In this🎁 festival, milk is boiled over as a sign of plenty.

✒When is Pongal in 2020-21.


🎀Celebrate Pongal on January 15 (Wednesday), 2020

Explore date on which Pongal will be celebrated in 2020:

💝 Bhogi Festival : 14th January (Tuesday)
💝 Surya Pongal :  15th January (Wednesday)
💝 Mattu Pongal :  16th January (Thursday)
💝 Kaanum Pongal: 17th January (Friday)

Pongal🎉 festival in India🇮🇳 coincides with other designated state 🎊festivals such as 'Bhogali Bihu' in Assam, Lohri in Punjab, 'Bhogi' in Andhra Pradesh and 'Makar Sankranti' all over the country. 

The 🔥Pongal festivities in India🇮🇳 are spread over four days of worship, starting from January 14 till January 17. 

🎀The first day is called 'Bhogi' and the day is spent burning or discarding old and useless items of clothing as well as household items. 

👉New utensils are bought for use. 

The 🏘house is spruced up with traditional decoration and receives a new coat of varnish or paint. 

The second day of rituals and🎊 festivity is what constitutes the main Pongal🎁 celebration and marks the commencement of the Tamil month 'Thai'. 

It is🎭 also called 'Perum Pongal' or 'Surya Pongal' as people pay obeisance to the Sun G☢d. 

The🗒 third day is called 'Mattu Pongal' and is dedicated to farm animals like bulls and🐮 cows that contribute to farming in the agrarian-based economy. 

These animals are given a proper bath and ritualistically worshipped. 

👉Women feed birds rice and offer prayers. 

The🎋 fourth day is the 'Kannum Pongal' when people step out of their homes to meet relatives and friends.

🔥History of Pongal 2020-21🔥
🕯The legend goes that once Lord Shiva sent his bull, Basava, to earth, instructing it to get an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. 
🕯Unwittingly, Basava was careless and ate daily and had an oil bath once a month. 
🕯Shiva fumed with anger and condemned Basava to stay on earth, plough the fields and assist mankind in growing food. 
🕯Hence, a lot of significance is attached to cattle in this festival.

🔥Pongal celebration 2020-21🔥
🕯During Pongal, the house entrance is embellished with 'Kolam' or rangoli designs to welcome guests. 
🕯Even shops and offices radiate the fervor of this festival, with beautifully drawn kolam made at the entrance. 
🕯There is a custom of taking oil baths on this day and adorning new clothes. 
🕯During the festival, families gather to feast and indulge in traditional dance such as kummi and kolattam and attend various cultural performances. 
🕯The part most looked-forward to during the Pongal festival is the preparation of the Pongal dish called 'Venpongal'. 
🕯It is made in both salt and sweet versions, one with ghee, cashew nuts, raisins, and spices and the other using jaggery. 
🕯The fragrant aroma of spices and ghee emitting from every household's kitchen is mesmerizing and is a reminder of the festive occasion.
🕯When the milk boils over, people exclaim 'Pongalo Pongal' in excitement. 
🕯Traditionally, the cooking pot has ginger, turmeric, sugarcane piece and banana tied at the neck. 
🕯People exchange greetings and distribute Chakkara Pongal dish which is prepared with moong dal, rice, jaggery and garnished with dry fruits.
🕯People indulge in a game of 'jallikattu' involving bullfights and bird fights on this day. 
🕯'Jallikattu' in Madurai, Tanjore and Tiruchirappalli are major attractions during the Pongal festival. 
🕯In this game, currency notes are tied to the horns of bulls while villagers are challenged to wrest the bundles from them. 
🕯A legend associated with this sport is men emerging victorious could win the hand of a fair maiden.
🕯Afterwards, villagers enjoy community meals made from freshly gathered harvest.

🔥Pongal Rituals 2020-21🔥
🕯Given the fact that Pongal is about showing gratitude to the Sun God for a bountiful harvest, a ritualistic puja is performed where in ploughs and other agricultural tools are worshipped before collecting the paddy. 
🕯On the main Pongal day, the Sun God is worshipped and offered the Pongal dish as 'prasad' amidst blowing of conch shells. 
🕯It is made in such quantity that it can also be served in lunch as well. 
🕯On the fourth day, 'Kanya Pongal', birds are worshipped and fed cooked rice.

🎋Finally, Pongal 🎉celebrated togetherness and acknowledges community effort in farming.
😊 Thanks for Visit.😊

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