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🛡International Yoga🧘🏻 Day June 21 2020 📝Shayari in Hindi,English 📽Status &💌 SMS for WhatsApp & Facebook

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International Yoga Day -June 21, 2020

The🎆 Gujarat government today said the upcoming 'World Yoga Day' on June 21 will be celebrated at more than 29,000 locations across the state.

🌍State level event will be held at GMDC ground here and will be attended by Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel and Governor O P Kohli,🏢 Education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said.

"The state 🎭government will celebrate this event at more than 29,000 🔥locations across the state," he told reporters here.

Apart from this state⛄ level event here, each 33 district will organise one main event in their area.

We have 🔥already designated places for each of these districts. 

Apart from these main events, Yoga🧘🏻 Day will be 💥celebrated in many other places, such as public gardens and school🌫 grounds" said Chudasama, who is the chairman of the organising committee for the event.

He🌝 further said it is not mandatory for anyone to participate in the event.

He 🔥also clarified that participants need not follow any particular dress code to perform Yoga🧘🏻 at these events.

The participants will be😍 mostly common citizens. There is no compulsion to take part in the event. 

We🌝 have also roped in government and private schools, colleges and universities along with several other religious and social organisations to maximise participation," the minister said.

🎭As per the plan, Yoga, including prayer and meditation, will be performed at all these📰 designated centres across the state at 7 AM on June 21 2020.

The😍 total duration of the entire program is about 37 minutes and 'Surya Namaskar' will not be part of Yoga🧘🏻 Day program, he added.

➡The participants will be mostly common citizens. 

➡There is no compulsion to take part in the event. 

We have also roped in📝 government and private schools, 🏬colleges and universities along with several other religious and social organisations to maximise participation," the minister said.

As per the plan,🧘🏻 Yoga, including prayer and meditation, will be performed at all these designated centres across the state at 7 AM on June 21.

The 💥total duration of the entire program is about 37 minutes and 'Surya Namaskar' will not be part of Yoga Day program, he added.

😁Theme of🧘🏻 Yoga Day 2020

The wait for🎊 celebration of Yoga Day is soon going to end. 

🎈Yes, on June 21, ‘International🧘🏻 Yoga Day’ will be celebrated around the world.

💟Like every year, this time a special theme has been kept. 

The theme of 2020 is ‘Climate Action’. Practicing🧘🏻 yoga can be a solution to climate change. 

The practice of yoga🧘🏻 incidents makes an 🌍internal balance between body and mind. 

➡It reconciles between yourself and nature.

The irresponsible 📝actions or actions carried out by humans are hurting the Earth, resulting in huge changes in climate conditions. 

Therefore, the 🌐United Nations has decided to raise awareness about climate action through yoga🧘🏻, which connects the soul of our body to nature and inspires to take action against the changing climate of the Earth or Climate.

➡5th International Yoga🧘🏻 Day

📰On June 21, 2020, the whole world is ready to celebrate the fifth ‘🛡International Yoga Day’. 

This 🛡International Day for Yoga was announced by the United Nations General Assembly 🔰(UNGA) in December 2020. 

➕As Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi🇮🇳 has said, ‘Yoga is an invaluable gift of the ancient tradition of India. 

➡It symbolizes the unity of mind and body. 

There is a holistic view of thought and action, restraint and perfection, harmony, health and well-being between 🎊humans and nature. 

By improving your 🎭lifestyle and by creating consciousness, it improves overall health🧘🏻.

➡Narendra Modi shares video Tadasan Yoga

➕Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares🇮🇳 the video of Tadasan Yoga, learn ways and benefits just before 2020 🔰International Yoga Day.

➡What is the meaning of yoga?

It is a🛅 physical, mental or spiritual practice, which is the contribution of India, which describes the complete way of💟 life. 

Yoga is not just about exercising, but🌐 developing an understanding is a way of identifying yourself. 

The 🌍word ‘yoga’ originates from Sanskrit, which means connecting with the body or being united.

➡Who proposed the idea of  ​​Yoga Day?

The🌝 idea of ​​’🔰International Yoga Day’ was proposed during the speech by Prime Minister of India🇮🇳 Narendra Modi in the United Nations General Assembly. 

On June 21, the Northern Hemisphere has the🎊 longest day of the year and has special significance in different parts of the🌍 world. 

🔥Narendra Modi suggested to celebrate June 21 as ‘International Yoga Day’. 

The🔯 logo of the Yoga Day is a🕉 symbol of goodwill and peace towards humanity, which reflects the nature of yoga. There are many programs around the 🌍world on Yoga Day. 

On this day yoga🧘🏻, meditation, debate and various cultural exhibitions are organized in all the countries so that through this it can spread the 💌message and meaning of Yoga Day to the whole world.

Learn Benefits of🧘🏻 yoga on International Yoga Day 2020

➡Start your day with Suryanmask every day. 

If you want to💜 live a healthy and happier life, take some time out of your busy💛 schedule and take some breathing exercises and do yoga for a few 🖤minutes daily.

By doing yoga daily you can increase your meditation capacity. 

❤This also increases memory and productivity.

💛Yoga improves the pain in your muscles. 

💜It helps in improving your overall health.

🖤It helps strengthen your body and stabilizes the spine. 

This can remove back pain, stress and depression.
It stabilizes your🎊 mind, body and soul and🔥 fills you with peace and happiness.

🔰International Yoga Day 2020: Yoga has great importance in our life. With the help of🧘🏻 yoga, we are safe from all diseases. 

💙Yoga helps to keep our body healthy and healthy. 

💚Yoga is known for its amazing health benefits. 

Many big and small yoga camps are also organized in different parts of the country on World Yoga Day. 

In order to practice this spiritual art, people participated in large numbers to become a part of these camps. 

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Shayari on International Yoga Day
International yoga day 2020 images hd

➡Yoga day shayri

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🎋Also you can see essay on 🔰International Yoga Day and poem on Yoga Day.

Yoga🧘🏻 day shayri 📝 2020
"Yoga brings us to itself Yoga gives us the feeling of God"
"Yoga is revolution for health, happiness in life with regular yoga"
"Yoga is beneficial for health, Yoga is beneficial for disease-free life"
"Do yoga, get rid of diseases everyday, and live"
Success is measured by three things. Money, fame and peace of mind. Money and fame are easy to achieve. "Peace of mind" is found only by yoga"
"If the body and mind are not healthy, it is impossible to achieve the goal. By doing yoga, both mind and body are healthy"
"Yoga provides energy, strength and beauty to human body, mind and soul"
"Good Morning"
"Yoga is not a religion, it is a science, it is the science of welfare, the science of youth is the science of connecting body, mind and soul"
"Yoga enhances the power, meditation and productivity of our life. Yoga also stabilizes and controls the human body, mind and spirit"
"Yoga is not just about self-improvement,
 Rather it teaches about self acceptance"
"I love yoga because it is not only a workout for our body
 But also our breathing which helps to release excessive stress
 Yoga really prepares us for the day's routine"
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