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Information of Red Fort- LAL KILE KI JANKARI HINDI MAI

Information about Red Fort - lal kile ki jankari hindi mai, is the historic Red Fort of India. Delhi Red Fort was built by Raja Anang. The Red Fort was built in the year 1060. This fort has been considered as the historical heritage of India since ancient times. This fort is also very useful from the tourist point of view. Lakhs of tourists visit the Red Fort in the year. The Red Fort attracts all tourists from India and abroad. Where the Prime Minister addresses the public on Independence Day, 15 August. And hoists the tricolor.

History of Red Fort: History of Red Fort

Information about Red Fort- lal kile ki jankari hindi mai, Red Fort is located in Delhi, the capital of India. It is considered as the historical fort of India. This fort was built in 1060 by King Anang Pal. Which was considered the king of Tomar rule. According to history, the Tomar dynasty ruled near Suraj Kund in South Ilako in Delhi. According to ancient historians and writers, the original name of the Red Fort was Lalkot. Lal Kot means Red Fort which is known as Red Fort in the whole world.

This fort is considered to be the first city of Delhi. Prithviraj ruled here in the 12th century after the rule of the Tomar dynasty. Which were the descendants of the Chauhan dynasty. Prithviraj Chauhan changed the name of this fort to Qila Rai Pithora. Prithviraj Chauhan had lost to Muhammad Ghori in the war of Tarain in 1192. And Muhammad Ghori chose one of his ten chiefs to rule this fort. Whose name was Qutubuddin Able. Qutubuddin Aibal established the Das dynasty in 1206 in the Sultanate of Delhi.

Qutubuddin tortured the road caste people there and captured Badli from them. Which was considered the stronghold of the roads. Qutubuddin Aible, who started the Sultan's reign here, had built the Qutub Minar, which is a sign of the Sultan's reign. He built the Muslim areas there by tearing down Hindu temples and buildings. The Dhruva Pillar at Lalkot was converted into a Qutub Minar, and the Qawwat-ul-Islam Mosque was built. The maintenance and arrangement of the Red Fort has been the centerpiece of the Mughal rulers.

Information about Red Fort- lal kile ki jankari hindi mai

Which was at its peak during Shah Jahan's time. Aurangzeb and the last Mughal rulers had also done many other construction works on this fort. This fort was also given priority in the British rule in 1857. It was chosen as the main cantonment by the British rulers. The Red Fort was the new capital and palace of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, its palace is also called Shahjahanabad. This city of Muslim rulers was the seventh in Delhi. Muslim rulers shifted their capital from Agra to Delhi to expand their empire.

And their main purpose was to rule them and rule them. Delhi had to be converted by doing construction work as per its wish. The Red Fort is built on the banks of the Yamuna River. Just like the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort are built on the banks of river Yamuna. The north wall of the Red Fort is connected to an ancient fort. This ancient fort is known as Salimgarh Fort.

In 1546, this fort was built by Shah Shuri. The water of the Yamuna river falls into a moat around the fort. After this, Sikhs came to the Red Fort on 11 March 1783. He entered the Red Fort and took Diwan-i-Am. Mughal Waziro handed over this city to his Sikh companions. The work of this fort was given to Sardar Baghel Singh Dhariwal of Karor Singhia Misl.

Places to visit in Red Fort

Mumtaz Mahal- Mumtaz Mahal

Mumtaz Mahal is built in the courtyard of the Red Fort. This palace has been built with creative and beautiful dhag. Apart from Mumtaz Mahal, five other structures have also been constructed. In which Mumtaz Mahal is considered special. Mumtaz Mahal is made of white marble. The artwork of flowers has also been done on these stones.

It shows the craftsmanship of the Mughal period. In ancient times, this palace used to be a place for women to live. Many artifacts and objects of the Mughal period are found in it. Now it has been made a museum of ancient things and archeology of India. Many ancient photographs, carpets, paintings, soles, curtains and historical objects are found inside it.

Red Fort Rang Mahal- Red Fort Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal was built by the emperor for wives. In this palace, the queens of the king of that kingdom resided. This palace is decorated with very colorful colors. For this reason it was also renamed the Palace of Colors. This palace is decorated with colored glass. When the rays of the sun fall on them, colorful light spreads in the palace. Which makes the palace look very beautiful. This palace remains cool even in summer. Because a water stream flows within the land of this palace, which always keeps it cool.

Khas Mahal- Khas mahal

The Khas Mahal was considered to be the principal palace of the Mughal Empire. Because it was the private residence of the Mughal kings. There are three main rooms within this palace. One room of which used to be the seating of kings, and the other was for them to rest. Which is also called their bedroom. And the third room was for the General Assembly. This palace was very beautifully decorated. The walls of this palace are made of marble stones. On which very beautiful shapes of flowers have been made.

Moti Masjid- Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid was built by Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb built the Moti Masjid to fulfill his own objectives. This mosque means Pearl Mosque. The shape of this mosque has been made very beautiful. This mosque is shaped like a dome. The walls and courtyard of this mosque have been built in marble.


The Diwan-i-Aam was constructed in the period from 1631 to 1640. It was built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor. Outside it is a large open ground. Which is called the main courtyard of Diwane-i-Aam. This is an area designed for the general public. Where the king used to solve problems of the subjects. A huge beautiful throne is built in the middle of it. Which is located in the middle of Chhaja Diwan. The royal apartments of these emperors

Hamam of Red Fort - Hamam of Red Fort

The Hamam building was constructed for a bathroom. Which was used for Mughal kings and bathing. This place was prepared as a dressing form. These bathhouses were made from marble walls. They have been prepared very beautifully. Hot water taps were installed in it.

Heera Mahal- Heera Mahal

Hira Mahal is located in the south part of the Red Fort. It was built by the Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah II. According to historians, it is believed that Bahadur Shah hid a very precious diamond inside this palace. The value of which is considered more than that of Kohenurheera. At the time of the war of 1857, the Moti Mahal situated in the north was destroyed.

Best time to visit Red Fort

The most famous fort is Delhi, the capital of India. Every year tourists from India and abroad visit here. Winter is the best time to visit the Red Fort. It is very pleasant to go there in the month of October to March. Because the summer season starts after March.

At that time, the temperature in Delhi is 40 ′ or even higher and lower. So going there after the month of March will make you very hard. And then in early August the monsoon starts here. Therefore, the fun of visiting the Red Fort can be enjoyed in the winter season itself.

Red Fort Entrance Fee - Red Fort Entrance Fee

The tourists are charged by the government to visit all the tourists in India. And similarly, a fee has also been prescribed to visit the Red Fort. Separate charges have been set for indigenous and foreign tourists to visit the Red Fort. A ticket for Indian tourists has been kept at Rs 35.

And Rs 500 is charged for foreign tourists. Young and old people of other light and night show in Red Fort have to pay 60 rupees and 20 rupees for children. These fees are increased during the holidays. At this time a fee of Rs 80 is given to the elderly and Rs 30 for children.

How to reach Red Fort - How to reach Red Fort

This is the historical fort of India. This fort is situated in the heart of Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi India is the major developed city and center of the country. Therefore, tourists get the facility of air route here easily. We can also go by airplane to visit the Red Fort. There is an international airport in Delhi. Therefore, the facility of airplane is available for all tourists from India and abroad. Cab and taxi service are also available from the airport to Red Fort.

Due to which people reach the Red Fort easily. And can test beautiful and magnificent palaces and kilos of ancient times there. Get an opportunity to know their Indian history. Other information about the Red Fort also tells you that it is located near the metro station of Chandni Chowk, Delhi. This fort is only 10 minutes away from the metro station. \ One can easily reach the fort by walking. But in the meantime we have to go through the crowded market in Delhi.

How to go to Red Fort by Metro

The metro station of Delhi is located closest to the Red Fort. Traveling in the metro does not cause any trouble to the tourist. And reach the fort comfortably. By descending from gate number 5 of the metro, you can take away the market of Chndni Chowk. You can also buy essential items, which we get at low prices. This path is 500 meters from the fort.

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Information about Red Fort- lal kile ki jankari hindi mai

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