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Kedarnath Yatra 2020-21 , kedarnath temple history 2020-21

Kedarnath yatra 2020-21 kedarnath yatra 2020-21. Kedarna is situated at an altitude of 3584 meters above sea level. The distance from Kedarnath to Badrinath is 40 kilometers. The Kedarnath Temple is located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Which is situated on the huge Himalayan mountains of India. Kedarnath is the most special pilgrimage site of Hinduism. Lakhs of devotees come here every year to visit Kedarnath as it is situated in the mountainous region. Here are the iconic places of supporters and followers of Hinduism. Kedarnath Jyotirlinga is the panch pradhan among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath Jyotirlinga is considered the fifth Jyotirlinga. The height of Kedarnath temple is about 3793 meters. It is the ancient temple of Hinduism.

Kedarnath yatra 2020-21.

And this is the fifth religious place in addition to the Char Dham of Uttarachal for Hindus. Kedarnath temple is also a very useful place from a tourist point of view. The way to Kedarnath is considered very difficult. But the devotees have so much faith and belief in God that they overcome all difficulties. After visiting Kedarnath Dham, the devotees get great peace of mind. Because this temple is very beautiful and grand, a person considers himself lucky by the mere sight of it.

History of Kedarnath Temple- kedarnath temple history.

Kedarnath Dham is the main center of Hindu religious faith. Kedarnath temple has been the main pilgrimage site of Hindu religion for thousands of years. According to one belief, the Kedarnath temple dates from the 8th century. Which is created by Shankaracharya. Some historians believe that the Kedarnath temple remained under snow for 400 years. It is in the bungalow of the temple built by Pandavas in Dwapara period. According to the history of 1882, the Kedarnath temple was an ancient grand building with the main part. And in this there is Murtiya in the worship position. Kedarnath Madir's faith is in Shradhaluo for thousands of years. The pandits and priests of the temple live in the building near the temple. Kedarnath Temple is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

Kedarnath temple information- kdarnath mandir ki jankari.

Kedarnath, _Uttarakhand

This Kedarnath jyotirlinga is the panch pradhan in 12 jyotirlingas. Kedarnath Jyotirling is celebrated as the fifth place in Jyotiling outside Mahadev. This Giriraj is located in the lap of the Himalayas. Kedarnath remains wrapped in a sheet of snow for 12 months. Kedarnath Dham is surrounded by mountains in three directions. In one direction is Kedarnath. The height of which is about 22 thousand feet. In the other direction, 21 thousand 600 feet high is the Khetkund mountain. The third direction is the Bharatkund Mountains. The height of which is 22 thousand 700 feet. In Kedarnath, there is a beautiful view of rivers with mountains. In ancient times, there was also a confluence of rivers here. In which some rivers have now disappeared. In which there are Mandakini, Kshirganga, Saraswati and Swarnagori. Kedarnath Dham is on the banks of Mandaki Nendi.

Story of Kedarnath Temple- Story of Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Yatra 2020-21 kedarnath yatra 2020-21 Panch Kedarnath is something like this. This scene is from the chapter in Mahabharata which had a war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. At that time, both the Pandavas and the Koravas wanted to win the war and take possession of their ancestors' property and their empire. The Pandavas won the battle. His enemies who were his cousins. The Pandavas had killed and killed them.

He became a sinner of fratricide due to the Pandavas killing their cousins ​​in battle. And the Pandavas wanted freedom from their sins. Therefore he took refuge of Lord Shiva. And only Shiva could have avoided them from this sin. Therefore, he worshiped Lord Shiva so that he could free him from this sin. Lord Shiva was very angry with this crime of Pandavas. Therefore, the Pandavas went to Kashi to convince him, but Shiva did not see him anywhere.

Then the Pandavas came to the Himalayas to get darshan of Lord Shiva. But Shiva did not see them here as Lord Shiva did not want to appear in front of him. Because Lord Shiva was very much angry with the Pandavas. And Shiva started departing from one place to another. Departing from the Himalayas, he moved to Kedar. And the Pandavas also reached Kedar behind them.

The Pandavas wanted to see Lord Shiva in any situation. To dodge the Pandavas, Lord Shiva took the form of a bull and joined the other animals standing there. But the Pandavas suspected that this is Shiva, so Bhima spread both his legs on the huge two mountains. All the animals standing there had come out from under Bhima's feet. But Lord Shiva did not want to get out from under Bhima's feet. So Shiva Ji thought of entering the ground and Bhima Shiva who was in the form of an ox.

Bhima paused to catch him. He grabbed the bull's back. Seeing the faith, perseverance and unwavering faith of the Pandavas, Lord Shiva appeared happy to them. And freed the Pandavas from sins like fratricide. From that time onwards, Lord Shiva's balloon figure in Kedarnath started to be worshiped as a body. The upper part of his torso was revealed in Kathmandu when Shivji was dying as a bull.

Therefore, the temple of Pashupatinath of Lord Shiva was built there. Pashupatinath Temple which today has its identity all over the world. Shiva's face resided at the Rudranath site. And Shiva's arms appeared at a place called Tungnath. The navel appeared in a place called Madamsadeshwar and Shiva's coats at Kalpeshwar.

Thus, parts of Lord Shiva's body appeared on the earth. Which is the main religious place of Hindus. These sites are known by the name of Char Dham and known as Kedarnath Panch Kedar. In Kedarnath, Lord Shiva has been created by constructing very beautiful and magnificent temples.


Glory of Kedarnath- The glory of Kedarnath

There are two main pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand. Badrinath and Kedarnath Nath are the pilgrimage centers. Badrinath is located 40 km from Kedarnath. The philosophy of both Dham is very important. Kedarnath has great glory. It is said that a pilgrim sees Badrinath ji without seeing Kedarnath. His journey is not considered successful. All sins are destroyed by Kedarnath Dham's philosophy of Nara-Narayan. And life is said to attain salvation. Kedarnath is the largest Shiva temple in Uttarakhand.

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Tourist places in Kedarnath - Kedarnath

Along with the world famous Kedarnath shrine, it is a world famous tourist destination. Prakriti Prami and religious devotees wait for the path of this holy place to open. And when the road to Kedarnath opens, everyone wants to reach here. Millions of devotees and tourists come from abroad. There are many tourist places in Kedarnath. Which is very beautiful and attractive. Kedarnath Mountain covered with a sheet of white snow is very beautiful.

It thrills on sight. Kithranath Mountain is some distance away from Kedarnath Mountain. The divine view of the Mandakini river flowing at such a height of the same mountains is very beautiful. On its banks lies the Kedarnath shrine. The beautiful chorister of Chorbari makes the heart happy. Sone Prayag, Guptkashi, Shankaracharya Samadhi, Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, along with Kedarth Peak and Bhahi is a lot to see.

How to reach Kedarnath Dham / How to reach Kedarnath

One can go to Rishikesh to go to Kedarnath rail. The distance from Rishikesh to Kedarnath is 230 kilometers. One can also go to Kotdwar by rail. Kedarnath is 260 km away from Kotdwar. Travelers from these places can reach Gorikund by bus. The Kedarnath temple is 15 kilometers from Gorikund. Here one can go to Kedarnath with Padel, mule palanquin

Time of Kedarnath Darshan - Time of Kedarnath Darshan

Visiting time of Kedarnath Dham starts at 6 am for the devotees and tourists. From morning to afternoon, groups of devotees come to visit. Then from 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock there is a special aarti of Lord Shiva. In which all the devotees participate. Worshiping Lord Shiva. And after 5 o'clock the temples are closed. Because it is believed that God rest at this time. And then after some time, the boards are opened back for darshan. Then in the evening from 7:30 pm to 8:30, the idol of Lord Panchmukhi Shiva is worshiped. Lord Shiva's idol is decorated with flowers and ornaments and worshiped regularly every day. Then after the aarti, the doors of the Kedarnath temple are closed.

Kedarnath Dham is covered with a sheet of snow on all four sides in winter. Only white layer is seen everywhere. It takes a lot of time to open and close the doors of the Kedarnath temple due to snow accumulation here. This sequence starts before 15 November in winter. And closes two days before Makarsankranti in January. And Kedarnath's court opens after six months. Which starts in the summer of April 13-14.

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