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Khandala and Lonavala are situated in beautiful valleys

Nestled in beautiful valleys, Khandala and Lonavala, the hill and lakeside city of Maharashtra, Khandala Nolavala is famous all over the world. This area is famous from tourist point of view. This is a very good heal station in Mumbai Pune. Lonavala is a scenic spot. The popularity of this heel station not only attracts tourists. Rather, this place is also prevalent in the film world. This place is quite famous in the movies as well.Khandala is located only 5 kilometers from Nolavala.

Khandala is the most famus and delightful site of Lonavala. Nolavala is located on the highway of Mumbai-Pune. Khandala and Lonavala are famous places on the Peacock Ghat to the west of the mountain range. The hill station of Maharashtra is very popular among tourists. Khandala and Nolavala is a world famous place where people from abroad come to visit. Lonavala Khandala Ghat is quite popular.

Khandala and Lonavala are located in beautiful valleys

Nolaval is larger than Khandala. But Khandala is a very pleasant and quiet place. The weather here becomes very colorful and lovely during the rainy season. The view here attracts people and tourists. Its unique beauty attracts everyone. Here, looking at the flowing waterfalls and looking at the clouds, this place seems like heaven. It is as if the mountains are touching the clouds. When the first raindrops of the year fall at this place. So its natural beauty increases even more. This view makes any human adorable.

Khandala and Lonavala are situated in beautiful valleys

Tiger point Lonavla

Proper arrangements are also available to stay and eat in Khandala and Lonavala. Resting planets, Dharamshalas, Sanatoriums, Standard Hotels etc. are built for tourists to stay and rest. There is a lot of tourist places to see - Lovers Point, Tigers Point, Horse Shoe Valley, Deep Point, there are many scenic spots here. Apart from these, there are husky dams and husk lake worth visiting tourists. Which tourists like very much. The plot of Nolavala is surrounded by mountain ranges from all sides. From the earliest times, the weather of rain here becomes very good. Due to rain in April, the temperature here remains pleasant. At this time there is a lot of tourists.

Lonavala Khandala Ghat

Unique caves of India are found in Nolavala. Main among the ancient caves found here are Karla, Bhane, Bedsa etc. Among all these caves, the cave of Karla is very old. This cave is the historical cave of that time. Karla Cave is located in Karla, Maharashtra. Its construction is believed to be 160 years ago. Consists of large chaitya caves of India. Examples of Indian Buddhakalin architecture are found in these caves. This is a rock-cut Buddhist temple.

HandKhandala Ghat, Mumbai

On the walls of which Buddha sculptures are also made. Articles are also written in Brahmi script. The distance from its main court to the rear court is 124 feet. Its front is two storeys. A large Vatayana (skylight) has been built for the movement of sunlight in its upper part. Which shows us the way to the cave. On its lower side, three gates are built. Apart from this, there is a very beautiful wooden temple made for tourists. This temple is very magnificent. A very large statue of Lord Shiva has been installed in this temple. Which focuses everyone's attention.

Bhave's Cave

Sage Cave

Bhaje Caves is located in Pune district of Maharashtra. These caves are found in Nolavla in Pune district. Bhaja Cave is located at a distance of 12 km from Nolavla. There are a total of 22 caves in this area. Of which the number 12 cave is the most prominent. There are caves in the lower parts of the mountains. These caves are built by cutting the rock. These caves were built in the second century BC. Hinayana of Maharashtra belongs to the sect of Buddhism. These caves are of special importance in this area. The Government has enacted 2407-A Act to protect and preserve the monuments of these national inscriptions. The important features of these caves are the stupas here. It has 14 stupas and 13 pillars. It is a matter of special appreciation of the place here. In ancient times wooden architecture was quite prevalent in this area.

Vadesa Cave

Vedasa cave is located in the historic village of Vadesa in Maharashtra. This village is in Maval taluka of Pune district of Maharashtra. This area is located 6 miles from Bargaon station by the railway route of Mumbai Poona. Vedasa is 10 miles south of Orley. Like the caves of Karle and Bhaja, the caves of Vadesa also look very spectacular. Examples of architectural art and craft can also be seen at these caves. Guha Vastu is more popular in this area. This cave also has temples like the cave of Karle and Bhaja. Badesa also has a Buddhist cave temple. The wood and stone work done on these caves is very good.

There are two main pillars in the caves here. Which remain in the main board. These pillars cannot be called independent like the pillars of Carle's cave. Because the effect of Ashoka carpet on these pillars is clearly visible. These pillars are very magnificent and eight-walled. The tops of these pillars are made of very fine shape. These beautiful top tourists are very much liked. One side of the pillar is decorated with a very beautiful portrait of the man. On the other hand, the beautiful form of woman has been created. In this way, its beauty has been enhanced by making pictures of animals and birds as well

Somnath Temple of Mahadev

History of golden temple

Jaigarh Fort of Jaipur

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