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kodaikanal / places to visit in kodaikanal, Kodaikanal Kodaikanal is a Kodaikanal Amazing tourist spot located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. And Best Honeymoon Places Kodaikanal is Kodaikanal lake 2133 meters above sea level, Kodaikanal Hill Resort in Tamil Nadu captivates everyone with its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Nestled among Palani Hill, this place is a major hill station in South India. Kodaikanal is an enchanting hill station in the country, adorned with beautiful hills. Be it honeymooners looking for intimate moments between natural beauty, or tourists who come for health benefits and freshness, the natural beauty attracts everyone here.

There are many delightful scenes in Kodaikanal. The joy of visiting this place is greatly enhanced by the blooming of petals of the flowers of Kurinji. Whereas this flower blooms only once in a time interval of twelve years. These flowers are an important part of the beautiful scenery here. People living here also consider these flowers as unique examples of their natural beauty. It is considered to be the main symbol of its beauty. These flowers increase the beauty of the place and remain the pride of the place.

kodaikanal / places to visit in kodaikanal

When the petals of these flowers bloom under the blue sky, it looks very beautiful and captivating. And the fragrance coming from this flower makes the tourists coming here drunk. Kodaikanal has many natural landscapes that enhance the beauty of the place, such as the huge rock, the calm lake, the fruit orchards and the green flowers and fruits planted on the plant, enhance the beauty of the place. The clean and pure air coming from the Eucalyptus and Pine forests located near this place makes the environment more fragrant and pleasant.

Kodaikanal is briefly described in detail in the Tamil Sangam literature of BC. The primitive tribes called the Pelians and Pulayans were established in Ilako in the Palani Hills. This tribe lived on these hills. The hill station was established at this place in 1845 by the British. This hill station became the most preferred hill station of British administrators and missionaries. So these people used to come here during the summer to spend their time.

Berijam Lake Kodaikanal / Berijam Lake Kodaikanal

Berijam lake of Kodaikanal is located about 20 km away from this hill station. This lake is located in a forest area. This site requires a permit to roam. Many animals worth seeing here are predominantly found here. These animals come to drink water on this lake many times. Like- Bison, Heeran, Snake and Panther are seen drinking water. To visit this place, entry time is limited from 9.30 am to 3 pm. Many types of mushrooms are found in this place. There are many other attractive things to see here - such as Fire Tower, Lake View, Silent Valley and Medicine Forest Lake, etc. attract tourists who come here. This place is the best place to see wilderness and wild animals.

Bryant Park Kodaikanal / Bryant Park Kodaikanal

Odakodaikanal / places to visit in kodaikanal

Bryant Park is about half a kilometer away from the bus stand, which is located in the east direction. Many types of vegetation are found in this park. It is also called a kind of protected botanical garden. The official of this park was HD Bryant, and the name of the park was H.D. Is named after Bryant. He used to be a forest officer and he built the park in 1908 by putting the plan in place. Flora found in this park includes shrubs, trees and cactus.

This beautiful place is laden with colorful flowers and husbands during the spring season. A eucalyptus tree and a Bodhi tree have been found in this park since 1857. Religious belief is also the main reason for people of these trees. A beautiful nursery has also been built here. Where the work of selling ornamental flowers and trees etc. is also done. A horticultural exhibition is also organized in the park during the spring season. Which is the main center of tourist attraction. A fee has also been set for entering the park, which according to people is a very low fee. And tourists can easily enjoy this entire park by paying a fee.

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Kodaikanal Lake / Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake was built by humans. Therefore, it is also called man-made. This man-made lake is the major scene of popularity of Kodaikanal. It has been given the shape of a star. Which is an example of very brilliant art. The lake is spread over 60 acres of land in this area. The lake is full of lush greenery. This place attracts tourists more. Boat clubs are also found in this lake, and exciting racing trips are also organized by the people here.

Coker's Walk / Coker's Walk

Odakodaikanal / places to visit in kodaikanal

A scene from the Crockers Walk named after the Lieutenant Coker led to the Coker's Walk here. Which Koker prepared a map of Kodai. The distance of this place is one kilometer from the lake. A steep slope can be seen at this place to the south of Kodaikanal. Also, the view of beautiful plains can also be lost here. The scenery here is very attractive to tourists.

Kurinji Andavar Temple / Kurinji Andavar Temple

The Kurinji Andavar temple is also famous among tourists. This temple further enhances the pride of the place. This temple is built at a total distance of 3 km from Kodaikanal lake. Apart from the religious point of view of the Kurinji Andavar temple, it is also considered very important from the tourist point of view. The decoration and artwork of this temple is very suitable for tourists to visit. This temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga. This temple is considered to be a major religious place of Hindus. According to the religious belief of the people here, Lord Muruga is called the 'God of the hill'.

In Tamil, the mountainous region is referred to by the word Kurinji. And the word Andavar means 'God'. Hence the name signifies its relationship with the God of the hill and hill. The temple also has a special connection with the Kurinji flower, which blooms on a hill once in 12 years. And the flower is said to have blossomed in late 2004. According to the people, this year the honey kurinji flower fruit has a great medicinal value. Tourists enjoy the wonderful and magnificent views of Palani and Vaigai Dam from this temple.

Beer Shola Fall / Beer shola fall

Odakodaikanal / places to visit in kodaikanal

This place is considered very suitable from the tourist point of view. Because it is also called a very good picnic sport for people. This place is located about 1.6 km away from Kodai lake. The route to visit this place is very bumpy. Tourists often get an opportunity to see bears drinking water while going here. The waterfall is named Beer Shola due to the bears found here.

Telescope House / Telescope House

Observatory The Solar Observatory located here is also considered to be a place to visit here. The beauty of many types of valleys and surrounding places here is breathtaking to tourists. Two telescope houses have been established here at Kodai. In Kodaikanal, all the tourists find visiting the places like Solar Physical Observatory, Dolmen Circle, Thalaiar waterfall, etc.

How to reach Kodaikanal - How to reach Kodaikanal


The system of airways to Kodaikanal is also found here, which is the nearest airport to Madurai, located at a distance of 120 km. Kodaikanal can be easily visited by bus or taxi from Madurai Airport.

railroad track

Rail facility is also available in Kodaikanal. Kodai Road railway station remains. Which is located about 80 kilometers from this place.


Buses are available from major cities like Madurai, Palani, Trichy, Bangalore, Coimbatore, etc. to visit Kodaikanal. Apart from these, bus services are also available from many small cities. Arrangements for rotating Kodalkanal through roadways have also been ensured.

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