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Mahabalipuram tourist places in hindi-MahabalipuramTemple Mahabalipuram (Mahabalipuram) is situated on the Coromandel coast along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, Mahabalipuram is an ancient port city of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is an ancient and historical legacy of the Mahabalipuram Temple that is well preserved till date and speaks volumes of its glory.

Mahabalipuram is one of the oldest cities in India. MahabalipuramTemple is a busy harbor, a busy trading center, present day, it is known all over the world for its great monuments, cave sanctuaries and sculptures. A memorial complex in Mahabalipuram, known as a group of monuments, with all its ancient art and sculptures, is a UNESCO World Site. The place is now one of the major tourist attractions near Chennai.

Where is Mahabalipuram and how to go - Mahabalipuram is called and how to go

Mahabalipuram Temple is located around 56 km from Chennai. The nearest airport to Mahabalipuram is in Chennai. You can drive from Chennai, or hire a taxi, many buses ply between Chennai and Mahabalipuram. It can be reached within two hours by road. The nearest railway station is Chengalpattu, Chengalpattu is about 30 km from Mahabalipuram. One can board a taxi or bus to get to Mahabalipuram when landing at the station.

History of Mahabalipuram / Mahabalipuram History In Hindi

Mahabalipuram, also called Mamallapuram, tells the history of Mahabalipuram that it was once a trading town which was established during the Pallava dynasty. However, the history of Mahabalipuram is considered to be older than the Pallava dynasty before the seventh-eighth century. Mahabalipuram has become an important port and a splendid center of rich activity here. The Pallava dynasty has left behind a treasure of magnificent history, architecture and culture. Which included stunning monoliths, rock temples and attractive statues of deities etc.

Mahabalipuram Temple Tourist Places - Mahabalipuram tourist places in hindi-MahabalipuramTemple

There are a lot of tourist places to visit in Mahabalipuram, which is very attractive and a center of attraction, you can make your trip more interesting by visiting the major tourist places around it. Because there are many tourist places around this magnificent temple where you can go for a walk. So let us take a tour of the tourist place here in this article.

Panch rath temple mahabalipuram - panch rathas mandir mahabalipuram in hindi

Panch rath temple mahabalipuram - panch rathas mandir mahabalipuram in hindi

Among the sightseeing places of Mahabalipuram is the Panch Rath Temple, this temple was constructed by the Pallavas towards the end of the 7th century, the Panch Rath Temple of Mahabalipuram has been introduced to the characters of Mahabharata, these Panch Rathas are named after the characters of the Pandavas. Is placed according to Such as Draupadi Rath, Dharmaraja Rath, Arjuna Rath Nakula-Sahadeva Rath. The name Panch Rath Temple is included in UNESCO World Heritage.

Of all these temples, Dharmaraj Rath Temple is the largest and multi-storeyed temple, Draupadi Rath is the smallest. The Draupadi Rath is the first chariot located at the entrance and dedicated to Goddess Durga. The next chariot after the Draupadi Rath is the Arjuna Chariot which is dedicated to Lord Bholenath. The Bhima Rat carving lion carvings on the pillars of the temple remain. While beautiful carvings of elephants are seen on the Nakula-Sahadeva chariot which is dedicated to Devraj Indra. The biggest chariot among all of them is that of Dharmaraja and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Ganesh Ratha Temple Mahabalipuram - Ganesh Ratha Temple Mahabalipuram in Hindi

Ganesh Rath Temple is a scenic temple in Mahabalipuram. The temple was built by the Pallava dynasty, the Ganesh temple is structured in the Dravidian style, its shape looks like a chariot. And this temple is beautifully carved on a rock, it is believed that in the beginning this temple was known to Lord Shiva but later it was dedicated to Ganesha. This temple is situated on the north side of Arjuna Tapasya.

Mahabalipuram Beach– Mahabalipuram Beach In Hindi

Mahabalipuram Beach– Mahabalipuram Beach In Hindi

Mahabalipuram Beach is a very beautiful and charming beach, situated about 55 kilometers from the city of Chennai, on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. Mahabalipuram Beach is about 20 km long coast of the sea, which came into existence in the 20th century itself. These beaches are popular among tourists for beach activities such as sunbathing, diving, wind surfing and motor boating. This place is the center of the main attraction of the country abroad.

Arjuna's penance Mahabalipuram - Arjuna's Penance

Arjuna's austerity site is the attraction of Mahabalipuram, this place is about 30 meters long and 9 meters high, Arjuna's penance site is on two huge rocks. Arjuna's penance is one of the most popular of Mahabalipuram, which is one of the 7th and 8th century stone carvings. The carvings of this attracted carvings are of God, animals, birds, semi-celestial creatures, elephants and monkeys. The carvings carved on the rock present the artistic skills of the sculptors.

Krishna's Butterball Mahabalipuram - Krishna's Butterball in Mahabalipuram

Krishna's Butterball Mahabalipuram - Krishna's Butterball in Mahabalipuram

Krishna's butterball is such a mysterious thing located in Mahabali Puram, it is not only for tourists but also for the scientists. This is such a stone, that upon seeing it, you will feel that it will just fall further down. Located in Mahabalipuram, this stone attracts the attention of tourists… This stone is held in such a way that it seems to be falling. It is said that this stone is about 1200 years old. The height of this stone is 20 feet and width is 5 feet. But the way this stone rests on its place, it makes it unique. Even scientists have not yet understood the fact that this stone is made by humans or by nature.

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Thirukalukundram Temple Mahabalipuram - Thirukalukundram Temple In Hindi

Thirukalukundaram Temple is a scenic spot in Mahabalipuram, Thirukalukundram Temple's main deities are Arulmighu Vedagireshwar and Arulmighu Thirumalaiyuldayar. This scenic temple is 15 km west of Mahabalipuram. Which is located on the top of the hill. Thirukalukundram Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and beautiful inscriptions in English and ancient Indian language will be found here.

Thirukkalamalai Temple Mahabalipuram - Thirukadalmallai Temple In Hindi

Thirukkalamalai temples are Lord Vishnu temples, which people here believe in the name of Valvendai Jnanapiran. This temple is famous for its Adivarah shrine near the sea. The Thirukkalamalai temple was built by the king of the Pallava dynasty to protect the idols from the waves of the sea.

Mahabalipuram Temple Map - Mahabalipuram Temple Map

Best time to visit Mahabalipuram - best time to visit mahabalipuram

You can visit Mahabalipuram at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is considered to be between Navamwar to February, as the weather is very favorable for traveling during this time.

Mahabalipuram Temple Tourist Places - Mahabalipuram tourist places in hindi-MahabalipuramTemple

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