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Major Tourist Places in Jammu | JAMMU TRAVEL GUIDE HINDI & English

Major Tourist Places in Jammu | jammu Travel Guide Hindi Jammu has not only the temple of Vaishno Mata but also many more famous Hindu temples. Many of these are temples built in the 9th century. The capital of Jammu Kashmir is Jammu. This beautiful state is situated on the main bank of the Tavi River. It is the gateway to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu is known all over the world due to its beauty. The climate of Jammu is very cold. Therefore, it is also called an area with winter climate. People of many castes reside in this area.

The life of the people of Jammu is still dependent on ancient cultures. People of different languages ​​and religions live here. A very pleasing temple of the world famous mother Vaishno Devi is situated on the mountains. These temples of Mata are very beautiful from the point of view of tourists. There are many other small beautiful temples here as well. Therefore, it is also called the city of temples. Lakhs of tourists visit this place during the year.

Major Tourist Places in Jammu | jammu travel guide hindi.

The city of Jammu was built in Jambulochan and was named after Jammu. The name of this jambu has been kept in disarray. Apart from tourist vision of Jammu, art, culture is also important from historical point of view. This city is also a very useful area from a commercial point of view. Mountaineering of mountains is considered to be the main trade for the people here. There are frequent terrorist attacks on the valleys of Kashmir ahead of Jammu. And despite this, tourists come here to visit.

The soldiers of our Indian Army are there for 24 hours to protect the region from attacks by terrorists. They protect the tourists who come here to roam around. We can go when we feel like visiting Jammu. We can enjoy the summer holidays in Jammu very well. And even in winter, the weather here seems very pleasant. It is very nice to see the view of high mountains all around.

Droplets of dew falling like cotton on the mountains cover the entire mountains with white sheets. This view attracts tourists. But during the rainy season it becomes a little difficult to visit Jammu. It is not advisable to visit here during the rainy season. At this time, there may be many difficulties in moving to Jammu. For example, it is difficult to walk due to the hilly terrain. A situation like land compilation also comes. The rest of the time the weather is clear.

Major Tourist Places in Jammu | jammu travel guide hindi

Jammu and Kashmir in India is located in the north. Surrounded by mountains of mountains, Jammu and Kashmir is nothing short of heaven. Terrorism is also under watch for some years on the beauty of this nature. Despite repeated threats, the enthusiasm of the tourists here does not diminish. Nature lovers visit this place throughout the year. Beautiful views of Jammu and Kashmir attract millions of tourists from abroad and Jammu and Kashmir has thousands of tourist places. Which tourists like very much. Tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir are in three parts: Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. There are many beautiful scenes scattered in this beautiful place of nature.

Raghunath Temple of Jammu

Many small and big temples of different types have been nirvana in Jammu. The Raghunath temple here is also very beautiful and grand. Its beauty is the reason for the attraction of tourists. Its construction started in 1835 by Maharaja Gulab Singh. But due to some reason its complete construction was done in 1860 by his son Maharaja Ranveer Singh. This huge temple is decorated with gold. The design is made of gold leaves and layers of gold. Very beautiful and grand statues have been established in this temple.

Mata Vaishno Devi Temple Jammu

PhotVaishno_devi_ Ki_ photu

Vaishno Devi Temple is the world famous temple of Jammu. There are crowds of pilgrims and tourists to visit Vaishnodevi. Throughout the year, millions of devotees visit here. The distance from Jammu to Vaishnodevi Temple is 42 km. To reach Vaishno Devi, one has to walk 14 km on foot. Or the donkey is crossed by a mule.

Shri amarnath dham

Shri Amarnath Dham is one such Shiva Dham which is believed by the Hindu that Lord Shiva resides in Shree Amarnath cave with mother Parvati. Very important from the religious and historical point of view, Shri Amarnath Yatra is very sacred and a means of attainment of heaven for all of us. The snow lingam formed by the snowy drops in this holy cave is such a miracle of Lord Shiva that every devotee is excited to see and one who sees it is blessed. The sacred Shree Amarnath cave located in the Kashmir valley is a natural cave.

How to reach Jammu Kashmir

Airways: Indian Airlines and Modi Luft have direct flights from Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Srinagar and Leh to Jammu. The airport is located 7 km from the old city.

Rail: Rail service is available to Jammu from all major cities of the country. There are direct train services from Jammu to Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pathankot, Chennai and Kanyakumari.

By Road: Jammu is connected to the main cities of the country by national highway. There are good roads available for each season from Jammu to other major cities. Direct bus services to Jammu are also available.

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