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Places to see in Badrinath - PLACES TO VISIT IN BADRINATH

Places to visit in Badrinath Badrinath Temple is located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. The distance from Kedarnath to Badrinath is 40 km. This ancient temple is one of the religious places of Hindus. Badrinath visits take place from April to November, Badrinath temple is built on the banks of the Alaknanda River. This is a historical temple of Hindus. The Badrinath temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is one of the religious Char Dham pilgrimage sites of Hindus. According to folklore, this temple was built in the 7th - 9th centuries. The temples built around Badrinath Temple are also known as Badrinath Temple. The region of the Himalayas is very charming.

Here the country comes from abroad all year. Temples in winter due to the cool climate of the Himalayas; Closed for months. Because white sheet of snow is spread over the Himalayas in this season. Roads are closed due to freezing of snow on the roads. Which makes it difficult for vehicles to cross the path. Hence its journey begins at the end of April month. And in the beginning of the month of November, its doors open till the deadline.

History of Badrinath - History of badrinath

Places to visit in Badrinath The temple has been damaged many times due to natural calamities and avalanches. Due to this, the Badrinath temple was rebuilt many times. According to some historians about the establishment of the Badrinath temple, this temple dates from the Advani century. This temple was founded by Sankaracharya, there is a belief that Sankaracharya lived here between 814 and 820. Sankaracharya 6 months in this period Badrinath,

And spent the remaining time in Kedarnath. According to Hindu scriptures, the idols of Badrinath were established by the gods. Badrinath is a Hindu religious place of pilgrimage, situated in the lap of the Himalayas. Badrinath Madir is situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River. In Hinduism, Badrinath has a special importance in the Char Dham Yatra. This holy place is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Badrinath is situated at an altitude of 3133 meters above sea level. Kedarnath is 40 kilometers away from Badrinath.

Badrinath Dham Stories - Stories of Badrinath Dham

In ancient folklore, Badrinath Dham is described as follows. Badrinath Dham is religiously told as a captivating saga. Because Badrinath and the area around it was very emotional. This area was then known as Shiva Bhoomi ieath Kedarkhand. When Ganga Maya came to the earth flowing from the head of Lord Shiva, Ganga Maya divided into 12 streams and flowed to different parts of the earth. The stream of Ganges that flows through Badrinath Dham is known in the whole world by the name of Alaknanda. It is also said to refer to this place.

Places to visit in Badrinath

Places to visit in Badrinath, Lord Vishnu in Devyuga was looking for the right place to do his meditation. So Lord Vishnu's eyes fell on the land of Alaknanda located on the Badrinath region. Lord Vishnu enjoyed this place very much. He liked this place very much for meditation. So Lord Vishnu went to the Neelkanth mountain of Lord Shiva, and took the form of a little boy, and he wept like a child. Mother Parvati's mind got distracted after hearing the cry of the little boy. Mother Parvati went to that child.

After silencing the child and asking him the reason for his Rudran. So Lord Vishnu, who took the form of a child, asked Mata Parvati the same beautiful and beautiful place which he loved. And then this place is famous all over the world today as Badrivishal and Badrinath.

Second story of Badrinath temple -Stories of Badrinath Dham

According to the religious texts of Hinduo, there is another saga associated with this place. Which is described in the Vishnu Purana. The Vishnu Purana states that Dharma had two sons. One of which was named Nara and the other was named Narayan. Both these sons of religion tried to develop and expand religion to instill faith and faith in people towards religion. Both the sons of religion had done austerities at this place for a year. And both of them needed a holy site to establish an ashram. Therefore, he went to these places to find proper places like Vriha Badri, Yog Badri, Dhyan Badri and Bhavishya Badri. So they looked at the place behind the river Alaknanda.

There they found a hot and a cold water source. He chose this place for his ashram. And this place was named Badrivaishal by Dharma sons. People also believe that Vyas ji, the creator of Mahabharata, had also written Mahabharata sitting at this place. And this belief is also prevalent among people. According to which in the next birth, Nara and Narayan were born at this place in the incarnation of Arjuna and Shri Krishna. Another legend related to the Mahabharata is that the Pandavan of his ancestors was also performed by the Pandavas at this place. After this, people come to get Pinddaan at Bramhakpal place of Badrinath for the liberation of their life.

Tourist Places of Badrinath - Tourist Places of Badrinath

Badrinath also has rotatable and other tourist places. Of which Pandukeshwar is the most spectacular place. According to the religious texts of India, this place was established by King Pandu. King Pandu had five sons. Those who are known as Pandavas all over the world. It is located 4 km away from Govindghat. And 24 km from Badrinath and 219 km away from Kedarnath from other religious places. There are grand temples of Lord Yoga Badri Narayan and Lord Vasudev here. Both these temples are the main religious place of Hindus. According to religious beliefs, these places are the abode of Lord Yog Badri Narayan and Vasudev. Aarti puja is performed at fixed times in the morning and evening in the temples. The time frame of these temples is very ancient.

Hemkund Sahib and Lokpal Temple- Hemkund Sahib and Lokpal Temple

Adbadrinath hemkunt ki photu

Hemkund Sahib and Lokpal Temple is an ancient religious temple of Sikhs. The importance of these temples is very special for the people of Sikhism. Hemkund Sahib is also considered as the most important Gurudwara of the Sikhs. The height of Hemkund Sahib is 4320 meters above sea level. This is an ancient temple, and is also very important from the tourist point of view. Its environment is as unique as heaven. This temple is also revered for people of other religions than Sikhs and Hindus. Hemkund is a very beautiful pilgrimage site for devotees. And it is a very good place for tourists to visit. The Elephant Mountains and the Sapta Rishi Mountains located at this place together form the glacier lake. A small water stream flows through the glacier is known as Himganga.

Valley of flowers

Badrinath Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers is a very beautiful and unique gift given to us by nature. This place is a very good place for nature lovers. This place is very suitable for tourists. Its special importance is in the field of science, ecology, zoology and ornithology. The Valley of Flowers has been declared the Valley of Flowers in 1937. The valley was declared by the Valley of Flowers Frank-Smith climber, explorer and botanist. On the valley of flowers, the snow sheet remains frozen from the month of November to May. Therefore its path remains closed in these months. Then the snow melts in the month of June. So the routes are opened back for tourists and travelers.


The best place to see in Badrinath region is Govindghat. Govindghat is the most prominent and first center to visit the flower beds and the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. Govindghat is situated between both Badrinath and Joshimal areas. Hotels were arranged by the institution here for the convenience of tourists at Govindghat. If the court of Adi temple is closed then the traveler can rest here.


OshJoshimath badrinath

Joshimath was built by Shri Adishankar. This monastery was his first monastery. The establishment of this monastery is 45 km from Badrinath temple. According to mythological beliefs, Adi Shankaracharya attained enlightenment at this place. He also wrote Bhashyam.


Auli is a sloping landform originating from the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Tourists come here from India and abroad too. And take up skiing. This slope naturally remains here. Joshimath is a distance of 16 km from Badrinath Dham. The Auli Himalayan peaks are 7817 meters away from Nandadevi. The atmosphere here is very delightful.

Bhimpul of Badrinath - Bhimpul of Badrinath

Bhimpul is considered to be a bridge provided by Prakrit. These are made automatically by natural stones. is composed. This bridge is located near Mana village near Badrinath. Bhimpul is located about 3 kilometers from Badrinath. This bridge is built over the Saraswati river. The path of Santopanth lake and Vasundhara waterfall passes over this bridge. It is made of very hard and strong stones.

Adibadri Temple- Adibadri Temple

Adibadri is the ancient temple of Swami Narayan ji. The shape of this temple is like a dome similar to a pyramid. Because the top part of it is bored. The idol of Lord Vishnu is installed in this temple. Which is made of black color stone. This temple was built by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. Which is famous all over the world. It is 17 km from Karnprayag.

Road to badrinath - road to badrinath

Badrinath is connected to National Highway 6 {NH6]. There are three other ways to reach Badrinath. Badrinath can also be reached via Kedarnath. Badrinath is located 40 kilometers from Joshimath. Highway 6 reaches Badrinath via Joshimath. One can go through Haridwar, and on this route one can see the confluence of Vishnuprayag, Alaknanda and Dhauliganga rivers.

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