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rann of kutch rann of kutch is located to the north and east of the city of Kutch in Gujarat. rann of kutch is the world's largest salt desert. It is popularly known as ‘Rann of Kutch’. Amitabh Bachchan has said a line about it, "If I have not seen Kutch, I have not seen anything", which is absolutely correct. If you have come to visit Gujarat, then you must visit Kutch. Because you have not seen Kutch, your trip to Gujarat is meaningless. Kutch is said to be a blend of culture, art and traditions. In this place you will get the opportunity to meet people of not only one but more arts and community.

rann of kutch / kutch rann utsav in hindi & English

The Rann of Kutch is a large area in the state of Gujarat. It is a part of the Thar Desert. Most of it is found in Gujarat, and the rest is also found in Pakistan. As the monsoon approaches, this white desert turns into a vast sea. Because after summer, the water of the Gulf of Kutch gets collected in the desert here. This view of the salt desert is also very amazing to see. There are many interesting things about this Rann of Kutch. This salt desert appears from July to October – November. The Run Utsav held here every year is famous all over the world.

rann of kutch / kutch rann utsav in hindi & English

Apart from safari, you can also enjoy folk songs and folk dances on this desert. The festival lasts for 38 days, and there are crowds of tourists from abroad. This article will be useful for you to visit and know about the Run of Kutch in your mind. We will make you aware of the entire journey through this article.

Bhagol of run of kutch

Gujarat's Run of Kutch is spread over an area of ​​about 23,300 km. Earlier it used to be one of the sea. Due to the earthquake of 1819, the geographical conditions of the region were completely different, and this part had risen upwards. During the time of Alexander in ancient times, it was in the form of a navigable lake. Its whole is divided into two parts. Its northern run, called the Great Run of Kutch, is spread over an area of ​​257 km. And the eastern run is called Little Run of Kutch. It is a smaller section than the Great Run of Kutch. It is spread over a total area of ​​5178 sq km. Rann in Hindi language literally means desert. In this place the temperature in summer is 44–50 degree, and in winter the temperature decreases to zero.

History of Kutch - History of Rann of Kutch in Hindi & English

In the history of Kutch it is told that there was an island of Kutch named Kadir. Which was found during the excavation of Harappa. This Kutch was initially ruled by the Rajputs of Sindh. Then Bhuj was settled as the capital of Kutch by Jadeja Rajput King Khengarji. After this, King Lakhpatji became King of Kutch in 1741. Later, in 1815, the Dungar Hill was established and occupied by the British. And then Kutch was declared an English district. The British rulers also built Ranjit Vilas Palace in Kutch, Vijay Vilas Mahalo in Mandvi.

Run of Kutch festival - Kutch Rann Utsav

rann of kutch / kutch rann utsav in hindi & English

Kutch is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. Which is one of the world's largest salt deserts. This great Rann of Kutch has gained fame all over the world due to its natural splendor. "The Rann Utsav", organized by the locals, is very popular. The Rann Utsav starts here from 1 November every year till 20 February. This festival is organized in the Kutch Desert on moonlight night. Tourists come from all over the country and abroad to see this festival. At this time, you can enjoy the moonlight night and the open air cultural program here. One can easily see the view of Sindh province of Pakistan, which is located a short distance from Kutch.

This Rann festival is held on the border of India and Pak. You can also enjoy a camel ride in this battle festival. Initially this festival used to be held for only three days, now this festival is celebrated with great celebration for the whole 38 days. On this occasion, many artists depict the glimpse of India's history on the sand of their arts. By traveling to Kutch, you can get to know the handicrafts and lifestyle of the local people very well.

Rann of Kutch Controversy in Hindi & English

In 1965, when there was a dispute about the Indo-Pak border on the western side of the Rann. And then in the month of April, due to the dispute over the border, there were battles. Then this war ended only after the intervention of British rulers. Later its full report was sent to the Security Council by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Based on the same report, it was ruled by the tribunal in 1968 that 10% of Ran's share will remain in Pakistan, and 90% share will remain with India. Ran was partitioned in 1969.

Information related to Rann of Kutch - Information related to Rann of Kutch in hindi & English

This Rann of Kutch is considered to be the largest white desert in the world. It is a salt desert painted white like mountains of snow. Which is spread over about 30 thousand sq km in this area. There is also Kutch Sea-Swimming Dromedaries, which are home to camels. Those are known as Kharoi. Lothal and Dholavira, historical sites associated with Harappan culture, are also in Kutch,

Which are representative of ancient civilization in the world. Lothal is known as the oldest dockyard in the entire world, and Dholavira is said to be a symbol of India's oldest town planning. Kutch is home to the largest population of wild ace in the region. In the Kutch desert, we will also see rare species like fox and flamingos.

What to eat in Rann of Kutch - What to eat in Rann of Kutch

The people living in the Kutch region have a simple life and high views. The main food of the people here is rotalas made of bajri (millet), and it is eaten with milk, chas, butter, jaggery, and jaggery etc. People here also eat khichdi made of rice and lentils with great fervor. People of this place also welcome guests from outside. If you go to any person's house, they serve you a glass of water according to a custom in your honor. Then you will ask for tea, which has become a universal drink among all people today. After this, you will be given milk-made things like curd and ghee etc. in the food.

Here in Kutchi Kusin, there are special foods like roti or rotla, curd, butter milk, lentils, curries, vegetables, papad, kachumbar etc. If you go on your journey, you can take dry rotis or theplas and khakra and sev (gram flour). Which usually people make here. The food here is the staple food of the residents - Khaman Dokla, Gathia, Anathia, Muthia, Raita, Dahi Vada, Kachori, Bhajiya, Bhaji made from brinjal, gourd and finger finger made from lady finger etc. And the diet that is usually made is - Dabeli, as a change from Puri. There are many varieties of sweets like - Adadiya, Gulab Pak, Son Papdi, Mohan Thal, Peda, Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, etc. are eaten. And after eating food, Dhania seeds or Paddy pulses, betel nut or betel nut are also served.

When to go to Rann of Kutch - Rann of Kutch

The time after Makrr Sankranti in January is great for going to the Run of Kutch. Because at this time Kutch weather is very pleasant and pleasant. At this time the crowd is less. The pleasure of roaming in the white desert of Kutch on the full moon night is special. Apart from this, you can also go on a trip to Run of Kutch in the month of October. Because at this time you can enjoy the Rann Utsav held here every year.

You will get to see a different amazing view at this time in the journey of Kutch. There is a large crowd of tourists from October to March. At the end of December the Run of Kutch begins to dry up, and after that it becomes a completely white desert like place. Many tourists come here from the country and abroad during the festival. Everyone likes the view here.

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