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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Shimla Tourist Place - SHIMLA TOURIST PLACES IN HINDI & English

Shimla Tourist Place- Shimla Tourist Places in hindi People who love to roam, are looking for a good place to visit. And Shimla is also the best place to visit. The beauty of Shimla city attracts all the tourists. The natural climate here is also very pleasant to the people. Here we can enjoy snowy hills, lush green fields, beautiful flower beds, colorful wadis, etc. Shimla is a city with mountains because it is situated on the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

The city is also known as the Queen of Hill Stations in the country and abroad. The beautiful Vadia of Shimla and the tourist places of Shimla are very pleasing to the tourists. It attracts not only Indian tourists but also foreign tourists. Being a mountainous region, it is also called a city with mountains. And here you can see very beautiful green fields and tree plants laden with fruit flowers, snow sheets and mountains. This place also attracts married couples and many couples come here to celebrate their honeymoon. There is such a fragrance in the winds of Shimla that it drowns anyone.

History of Shimla in Hindi - History of Shimla in Hindi

The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. Summer was formerly the capital of British rule. The city of Shimla is spread over many hills. Shimla is situated on the Gin hills. Jakhu is 8050 feet on the hill. Stretches up to 7140 feet on Prospect Hill. It is about 7050 feet on Observatory Hill. Elysium Hill is a landmass spanning 7400 feet and Summer Hill is 690 feet. The name Shimla was derived from 'Shyamalaya'. Which means blue house. Earlier, there used to be rough houses in these hill areas.

Political agent Lieutenant Ross first made it a British residence. And made a wooden hut. Lt. Charles Pat Kennedy built the Kennedy House in 1822 after Lieutenant Kennedy. The Tibet road was built in India in 1850–51. This route started from Kalka to Shimla. The route to Shimla by vehicles is up to 1860 kilometers. About 560 feet long tunnel was built in Sanjauli. Shimla was declared the summer capital of India in 1864.

After independence, Shimla was made the capital of Punjab. And then Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, was declared. The rail line was constructed between Shimla and Kalka in 1903. In 1946, all the leaders attended Shimla for the important conference of the country for the Indian nationalist movement. This conference was held in 1946. This conference paved the way for freedom to get freedom

Shimla Tourist Place- Shimla Tourist Places in hindi

There are many beautiful places to visit in Shimla, Shimla Tourist Place is the main tourist destination of Himachal. Shimla is currently the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This is a very beautiful gift given to us by nature. Because everyone is stunned by its beauty. Shimla is surrounded by lush green mountains and snowy hills and peaks. It is a very good place from tourist point of view.

Shimla Tourist Place- Shimla Tourist Places in hindi

Here you will find panoramic views everywhere - Summer Hills Shimla, Jakhu Temple, Scandal Point, Naldehra-Shimla, Viceregal Lodge, State Museum, Woodville Palace, The Mall. Apart from this, there are many tourist places of Shimla which are also available to tourists. Likes

Summer Hills Shimla- Summer Hills Shimla

Summer Hills Shimla

Summer Heal is located on the railway line of Shimla. The height of the summer heel is 1283 meters above sea level. The Summer Heal is very beautiful and captivating. Green trees, plants and vegetation are found on this heel. Its lush green area attracts visitors. These are very beautiful lovely places. The atmosphere here is quite peaceful. Very beautiful Manorville mansion and University of Himachal Pradesh are situated on this hill. Which is very beautiful and worth seeing.

Jakhu Temple Shimla-Jakhu Temple Shimla

Ajakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu Temple is located on a hill called Jakhu in Shimla. The Jakhu hill is the largest hill in the Shivalik ranges. Very beautiful views are found on Jakhu hill. Here lush green fields, trees planted with fruits and flowers attract tourists. Jakhu Temple is considered to be the oldest temple. It is described in many mythologies. This place creates mysterious views among tourists.

On seeing this, people find such a place full of secrets. The idol of Lord Hanuman, the presiding deity of Hindus, is installed in the Jakhu temple. This place is considered to be a special temple from other temples of Shimla. There is a huge statue of Hanuman in the Jakhu temple. Which is visible in many places of Shimla. Jakhu Temple of Shimla is located at a distance of 2 km from the ridge.

This Hanuman ji statue is one of the tallest statues in the country, which is 33 meters high. There is a religious belief about this temple. During the golden age, Lord Hanuman took rest here. When Sanjivani went to bring Booti to revive Lakshmana.

Scandal Point - Scandal Point In Hindi

Scandal Point

Scandal point is located in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Which is one of the very beautiful tourist places. Scandal Point is the main tourist attraction in Shimla. Tourists are impressed by its natural beauty and come to roam here. Its ground is flat and simple. The atmosphere here is absolutely open. We can roam freely here. Scandal Point is located in the middle of the Mall Road.

It is also very close to the market of Shimla. Here we can enjoy horse riding. This place is considered very entertaining. It is said by people that this place is like a paradise for hill lovers. Many dense cedar and spruce trees are found here. Looking at them, it seems that the mountain is covered with blankets. Everyone loves this scene. Such views here make the scandal point attractive. Here we can enjoy Maggi Heal Station.

Naldehra Shimla-Naldehra Shimla

Naldehra Shimla

There are many beautiful and attractive heal stations in Himachal Pradesh. Naldehra, the tourist destination of Shimla is also one of them. Naldehra is a heal station near Shimla. This is a great Heal station. Tourists do not know much about this Heal station. But this is a very beautiful area. Because this Heal station is situated amidst the lush green valleys.

It is famous for the beautiful hill station golf course. India's oldest golf course is located in Naladehra. A golf tournament is also held here every year. According to historical records, this beautiful hill was discovered by the British Viceroy Lord Curzon. He was so impressed with this place that he decided to build a golf course in the area.

Naldehra's name is made up of two words 'Nag' and 'Dehra'. Which means the residence of the king of snakes. The Mahunag Temple, dedicated to the God of Nag, is an important religious site for Hindus. Many fairs are also held here in the year. And the world famous fair here is Sipi. This fair is held in the month of June. Many fairs are also held in Naldehra. Tourist places in and around Shimla like museums, theaters and colonial lodges, unique paths to walk, walking malls, Gothic style churches and heritage hotels etc.

Vice Regal Lodge -Vicerial lodge

Avis Regal Lodge

The Viceregal Lodge ancient building at Shimla is situated atop the Observatory Hill. It is also known as Rashtrapati Niwas. It was believed to be the original residence of the Viceroy of India from the time of the British. It is now known as the stronghold of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. The building is decorated with Scottish style architecture. Pine and cedar wood have been used for this. From the balcony of this building we can see the beauty of the mountains.

State Museum Shimla -State museum shimala

The State Museum is located two kilometers to the west from Scandal Point. The main things seen in the state of Shimla are the miniature paintings of Rajasthan and the huge collection of Chamba embroidery, coins, jewelery, temple carvings and weapons etc. The museum is housed inside an old Victorian mansion. The atmosphere of these beautiful hills is very quiet and captivating. Viceroy William Beresford also made his residence here.

Later this place was used by officials of the Government of India for their work. It was built in 1974. In the beginning, this place was once a picnic place and was also a ground for racing, cricket and polo. This place is surrounded by forests. The place is spread over 121 bighas. It is built four kilometers above the ridge. It has an elevation of 6,117 feet above sea level. This museum is situated on a huge valley.

Woodville Palace Shimla - Woodville palace shimala

The Woodville Palace is located in the eastern part of Shimla. The history of the Woodville Palace dates back to 1865 years. Sir William Mansfield, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, was considered the first resident of the place. This palace was rebuilt in 1938. This palace was renovated by the highest quality craftsmen of craftsmanship.

It was rebuilt by 100 artisans. The palace was converted into a heritage hotel in 1977. This place is also worth visiting from a tourist point of view. This greenery area is the best place in Shimla. Very beautiful rose garden and well-maintained green lawns are situated here. Here we can walk in the morning and evening in the pure and fresh air. The weather here is very calm and pleasant in the morning.

The Mall Shimla- The Mall Shimla

Ad Mal Shimla

The mall is the main reason for all the activities and attractions of Shimla. All things shop, cafe, theater, restaurant etc. are available here. And all types of entertainment can be enjoyed here. We can enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant shops here. And for cultural activities and film entertainment can be enjoyed through Gaiety Manogayati Theater. This place is the best for shopping. There is a large shops, showroom and storehouse on Mall Road.

Where a wide range of shawls and woolen garments, jewelery, pottery and books are available. There are many places to visit in Shimla. Apart from the beauty of the mountains and the plains, one can see many other things such as museums, theaters, colonial lodge to walk, unique walkways, mall-oriented malls, Gothic style churches and heritage hotels etc. Shimla, this very wide world famous hill station where our mind feels very peaceful. The natural form of Shimla attracts a lot of tourists.

How to get to Shimla- How to get shiml

By plane

The city of Shimla is well connected to all the major cities of the country by air, while Shimla Airport is built at the heart of the place. Shilma is also connected by air from Chandigarh and Delhi. The nearest airports to Chandigarh and Delhi are considered to be Shimla.

By train

Kalka has big stations to visit Shimla. Kalka station connects all major stations. The train from Kalka to Shimla runs on a short line. It is also called a child train. Which is known everywhere.

By road

Shimla is located 350 kilometers from Delhi. And is 118 km from Chandigarh. All private and government buses are available to Shimla. Taxis on these routes are also easily arranged here.

Shimla Tourist Place- Shimla Tourist Places in hindi

When to go to visit Shimla -When to visit Shimla

It is hot in other states of India. And the weather of Shimla is also pleasant in summer. The weather of Shimla is also pleasing in summer. Best place to visit in summer holidays to see the beautiful places of Shimla. The winter season in Shimla is very pleasant. You can also enjoy snowfall in the harsh winter. All mountains are covered with a sheet of snow. During the rainy season, there is greenery here. There is no need of any special time to visit Shimla. It can be visited in the weather here. Shimla enjoys good climate and weather.

Shimla Tourist Place- Shimla Tourist Places in hindi

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