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Somnath Temple of Mahadev / MAHADEV KA SOMNATH MANDIR

Somnath Temple of Mahadev / mahadev ka somnath mandir Somnath Temple is located on the west side of the plot of South Asia of India. This is a very ancient temple of Hindus. Somnath Temple is one of the selected and important temples of Indian history and Hindus. Somnath is considered the first Jyotiling in the 12 Jyotirlingas of Mahadev Bholenath. This temple is a world famous religious place located on the banks of the Kathyawad region of Samundra in Gujarat province. This region was also initially called Prabhas. The oldest Sun Temple of India is located here. It is one of the historical temples of India. It is believed that Somnath temple is located at Veraval port in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Somnath is considered to be the most important and foremost among the 12 Jyotirlingas of India. The Somnath temple is described in the Rigveda of the historical and Vedic texts of India. It was built by Chandra Dev himself.

Somnath Temple is considered to be of special importance among the major religious places of Hindus. The history of this temple is considered complex. The Puranas of Hinduism clearly explain its rise and fall stories. The history of Somnath Temple was very rich and magnificent. And due to this temple was demolished and rebuilt. Somnath Temple is a very beautiful religious place and it is also a very good tourist place.

Somnath temple of Mahadev / mahadev ka somnath mandi

Somnath Mahadev

Lakhs of travelers come here to visit the Somnath temple and roam here. Presently, the Somnath Temple was rebuilt after the independence of India by Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The construction of Somnath Temple was started after India. Handed over to the nation on 1 December 1995 by the President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma. After this, this temple has become famous as a tourist destination all over the world. The Somnath temple is a symbol of the faith of Hindus. Everyday after 7 pm in the Somnath temple, there is a program of worship and hymns in the temple by local people in the temple courtyard.

And the radio sound lasts for an hour. In which the story of Somnath's history is very beautiful. It is said according to its historical and religious folklore. That Lord Krishna has done many things in this place. Lord Sri Krishna had given an interview with his leela by making a gunman's arrow named Zara. According to the mythological folklore, Lord Shri Krishna had committed suicide at this place. For this reason, this place is considered very important in the religion of Hindus.

Government of India made several efforts to maintain and maintain its system. The system of Somnath temple has been maintained and operated. For which Somnath Trust was created and all arrangements of Somnath Temple have been entrusted to this Trust. The government has also provided land to this Somnath Trust. On this land, beautiful gardens have been decorated with gardens, trees, plants, flowers etc. by the trustees. This part is very pleasing to the tourists. Tourists from abroad come here to rest. A large crowd unites here in Chaitra, Bhadrapada and Kartik month. Because in these months, it is considered to be very important to perform Shraddha of your father. There is a huge crowd of devotees here in these months.

Story of Mahadev Somnath - somnath ki katha

mahadev somnath ka mandir

According to the legend told in ancient Hindu texts, King Daksha Parjapati was 27 girls. Somnath means that Chandra was married to all 27 of them. But all the wives of Chandra had a wife named Rohani among all those wives. He used to give all his love and stuff to Rohani. Because of this, Chandra's other wives started to remain unhappy. And everyone together narrated their agony to their father Raja Daksha Parjapati. King Daksha explained to Chandra Dev many times. But Rohini's influence had no effect on his persuasion. On this, King Daksha Parjapati Chandradeva became angry. And cursed Chandra Dev that everyday your fast will decrease. The brightness of the moon started to decrease due to the effect of curse.

Distracted by the curse and sad, Chandra started worshiping Mahadev Bholenath. And by law, Chandra Dev completed all the work. Maha i.e. Mahadev Bholenath was pleased with Chandra Dev and released the curse to Chandra. Mahadev Bholenath, who defeated Chandra, was established here. And he was named Karan Somnathnam. The description of this Somnath Jyotirlinga situated in the holy Prabhaskshetra is described in detail in Mahabharata and Shri Bhagavad Gita. Somnath Jyotirlinga is the first Jyotirlinga in the 12 Jyotirlingas of Mahadev.

How to reach Somnath? /

Airway- Somnath Keshod Airport is located 55 km away. There is also a bus and taxi service between Keshod and Somnath.

Rail route - Veraval railway station is the nearest to Somnath, which is located just seven kilometers from there. Train services are available from here to every city in India.

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