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Tourist places of Ooty - OOTY TOURIST PLACES TO VISIT in Hindi & English

Tourist places of Ooty. Oooty tourist places to visit Ooty is situated in Nilgiri, which is blue mountains. Ooty India is an attractive place Ooty is also called the queen of hills. The right time to visit Ooty is a pleasant weather throughout the year except winter. Ooty is a beautiful city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty is also called Udhagamandalam. The new name of the city of Udhagamandalam is Tamil. Due to its high altitude, the temperature of Ooty does not exceed 25 degrees even in summer. Ooty is located at an elevation of about 7440 feet from the beach. The dense green mountains, tea plantations and Nilgiri trees are the specialty here. Every year a large number of tourists from abroad visit the country. To avoid the beauty of these mountains of Ooty, it has been declared as a reserved forest. Ooty is a beautiful place for adventure lovers and nature lovers tourists. Ooty, located in the south of India, has very beautiful views.

History of Ooty

The history of Ooty is believed to be of 19 centuries. Ooty at that time was part of the Nilgiri Chera Empire. The region was owned by the East India Company in the 19th century. The Chera Empire later came under the Ganga Empire. Then he came under the shelter of King Vishnuvardhana. Who used to be the king of the Hoysala empire in 12 centuries. Later the Sultan's kingdom began to reside in Mysore. But Tipu Sultan handed over the Chera tribe to them in the 18th century under the British. The Chera tribe used to dictate to the local tribe here by the British. Ooty which is situated on the Nilgiri Mountains.

Tourist places of Ooty. ooty tourist places to visit hindi

Many people have lived in it from time to time. The Toda tribe used to live here in the 19th century. Who have been living in this place for centuries. By the way, Ooty region has been ruled by many kings and overlords. John Sullivan who was the Coimbatore District Governor. Ooty's climate was very pleasing to John Sullivan.

And he started buying land from the tribals living in Ooty area. The Ooty region has been ruled by Satavahanas, Gangas, Kadambas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysala, Vijayanagara Empire and the Kings of Ummatur. Tipu Sultan established his empire at Ooty in the 18th century. The security boundary of Ooty was built by Tipu Sultan by creating a cave structure. But Ooty was discovered and developed by the British. The British carried out developmental works in Ooty and established it as a developed city. Ooty was made the summer capital of the Presidency of Madras during the British Raj.

Ooty Tourist Places

Adodabetta peak

Ooty is one of the beautiful tourist places in India. Ooty city is no less than a paradise in the blue mountains in South India. This is the favorite place of nature lovers. Ooty is the most beautiful place for Hanimoon for newly married couples. It is pleasant to see the mountains of Nilgiri amidst greenery here. Ooty is popular worldwide for its beauty. Many beautiful scenes are seen here. Which attracts the tourists who come here. Goes far and wide here. Fell green tea teas make tourists spellbound. There is a lot of tourist places here which are worth seeing. The Kubasurthi trip to Ooty makes the trip memorable.

Nilgiri Hills of Ooty - Nilgiri Mountain

The Nilgiri hills of Ooty are very beautiful. In summer, the temperature here is only 25 centigrade a day. Because of which the weather here is always pleasant except winter. Summer is the best time to visit Ooty. The scene here becomes very pleasant after the rain. In winter the temperature drops here and there is a dense fog shade. This weather is very good for the adventurous tourist of adventure.

Ooty Lake

It is a very beautiful artificial lake. Surrounded by colorful flowers, this lake captivates everyone. Tourists can also enjoy boating here. Tourists can also take away the motor boat, paddle boat here. This lake was built in 1825 by the then collector John Suvillian. This lake is spread for three kilometers. Voting house boats are also built to stop the tourists. To see this lake, many tourists come from abroad. There is also a children's park near the Ooty lake. You can see many beautiful scenes here.

Coonoor Heal Station

Akunnur Heal Station

Kunnar is located about 30 km from Ooty. It is a very beautiful and beautiful hill station. The melodious sound of the waterfall makes the mind very happy. The chirping of birds and the cladding of white sheets of dew in the tea gardens attract the attention of tourists. It is a different feeling to walk among these beautiful people of Kinnaur. The Katherine Fall falls on the moon here. In the Kunnar forest, the smell of thousands of flowers gives you a sense of breath. The main attraction here is the Botanical Garden, which is very attractive.

Kotagiri Hill - Kotagiri Hill

Kotagiri Hill Station is 30 km from Ooty. Kotagiri is the oldest hill station in Nilgiri hill station. This is an incredible example of the beauty of nature. Tourists come from far and wide to see the beauty of Kotagiri Hill Station. Let's enjoy the scene here. The weather of Kotagiri is very pleasant. There are very beautiful tea plantations and beautiful Hills Resort. Which makes your trip to Kotagiri beautiful. Views are made here in the rainy season.

Dodabetta peak

This peak is 8 km away from the main city of Ooty. Dodabetta Peak is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Mountains. The panoramic view of the mountain is visible from all sides. The height of this mountain is about 2640 meters. There is a government garden in the slope of this mountain. And at its peak is the Mosham Department Observatory. If the weather is clear, then you can see far and wide views from this peak. Even the plains of Kayambattur are visible. The view of this peak is very beautiful.

When to go to Ooty

OtyOoty ki photu

Summer is the best time to visit Ooty. The scene here becomes very pleasant after the rain. In winter, the temperature falls here and there is a dense fog shade. Ooty temperature does not exceed 25 degrees even in summer due to its high altitude. Ooty is located at an elevation of about 7440 feet from the beach.

How to reach Ooty

air shaft

The nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore. Which is located approximately 100 kilometers from Ooty. The airport is connected to Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. Ooty can be reached from Coimbatore by taxi or bus.

railroad track

It can also be reached by train from Mettupalayam via Coonoor.


Ooty is well connected by roadways. That is why it is easily accessible by bus taxi or car. Local city bus taxi and auto ricksa also have good service here.

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