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BOOTMGR Error Solution Training is compressed

Error Bootmgr is compressed

You may also be experiencing a Bootmgr is compressed message or a black screen after you turn on the system. This error occurs when one of your system files is compressed into a hard drive and the permissions are high. Don't let Windows come in. Here are some ways to fix this message. The text of this message is as follows.
bootmgr is missing
press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restart

Bootmgr Error Training & Remediation Solutions is compressed
When faced with a BlackBerry message or Bootmgr is compressed, take the following steps to fix your BlackBerry issue.

Method 1: Startup Repair Windows
from Windows 7 Onwards, a tool was installed to fix the problems that did not occur with Windows so that it could not fix the issues with Windows and the black screen. First, a CD or DVD. (DVD) Insert Windows into the machine and complete the Windows installation process. After selecting the language and selecting Next, select Repair Your Computer then select System Recovery Options then wait for the Startup Repair window to open. Stay tuned to identify and fix the problem.

Method Two: Removing Windows
Compression Manually Manually compressing Windows C drive files may have caused a black screen or Bootmgr is compressed problem. To fix this, first fix the Windows CD or DVD (DVD). Insert the machine and perform the Windows installation process. After selecting the language and selecting Next, select Repair Your Computer, select System Recovery Options, then select Load Drivers on the popup page and select Drive. Right-click on Properties in your Windows installation and in the pop-up window, select Compress this drive to save space and click OK. A restart (Restart) not likely with this method over a black screen or error problem will be solved Bootmgr is compressed and Windows comes up.

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