People always think to earn money from the things which they use online every day. Quora is one of the most popular forum in the world. So, people spend to much time on it. Now the question comes that Can We Earn money by answering on Quora?

So my answer is Yes why not!

You can start giving answers on Quora on those topics you have the best knowledge.

How We Can Earn Money With Quora

Presently, you know how Quora has helped Digital marketers and many individuals. Is there any basic method to earn money from Quora?

Yes, definitely, there are. Let’s explore.

1. Bring Traffic from Quora to your Blogs

Blogging is currently probably the most ideal approaches to earn cash online for over 10 years. Individuals like Anuj AgarwalAmit MishraNeil Patel, and so on., are procuring millions through blogging.

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There are a huge number of bloggers on the planet however not every person is fruitful. You will be astonished to realize that only 10% of bloggers overall are earning.



Traffic is everything. Without traffic, it’s impossible to earn big with your blog. Here are some key reasons why your blog doesn’t earn money.

website traffic

The good news is, you can use Quora to drive massive targeted traffic to your blog. So, first of all, find the questions you can understand. Take your time and write a high-quality answer so you can get upvotes and views.

More upvotes and views will eventually have more targeted traffic to your blog. At the end of your reply, link a relevant post to your blog. I also recommend you to add the URL of your blog to your Bio.

So this is great on what Quora is! It helps you find the audience you find, and later send them to your blog. Traffic from Quora is considered best to make money with affiliate marketing which is obviously the most profitable way to make money online.

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2. Quora to Sell E-books

In case you’re great at composing articles, you can make millions through Quora. Try not to be amazed! How about we perceive how.

A huge number of individuals make their torment each day on Quora. They need to get answers to their issues. In the event that you can compose a digital book that takes care of their concern, they won’t just get it yet additionally propose it to other people. Envision that you can utilize your digital book or E-book.

amazon book store
Amazon Book Store

Additionally, sell 50 Copies of the month, each cost $10, so you can without much of a stretch gain $500 consistently from a book alone.

Once you’ve published your book, go to Quora and provide topic and quality answers related to your book. In the body and at the end of your answer, add the link to your e-book.

I also recommend you use links to your e-book in your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as it will help others know that you have published a book. If you have a blog and you want to sell your e-book from them, add a link to your blog otherwise add an Amazon link.


3. Sell your Services on Quora

Do you offer any services like Link Building, Freelance Writing, SEO, Web-Development, Business Consultancy, etc.? If yes, Quora can help you too.

Also, use examples

One of my buddy who is a good Search Engine Optimisation master and once offers third party referencing and SEO administrations. Once on Quora “Right and right external link establishment, methods Wrote an answer about.”

At long last, he included a model where he clarified how an inappropriate third party referencing pulverized his customer’s blog and how he brought that blog in the groove again.

sell services on quora

His reply received nearly 50 upvotes and more than thousands of scenes. I was surprised when they informed me that more than 50 users had been contacted to fix problems on their blog.

Since you have been perusing this article from the earliest starting point, presently you know quora can truly help you just if your answers mirror your insight in your skill.

Alongside numerous specialists, Newbauer read the appropriate response on Quora. In the event that they discover your answers supportive, there’s no motivation behind why they can’t reach you for your undertaking. I for one realize that many individuals were contracted through Quora are as yet winning large.

Keep in mind, the way to use Quora is to make great satisfying answers. Thus, take as much time as is needed and compose quality answers mirroring your insight.


4. Quora for Different purposes

As the primary subject behind the utilization of Quora “Composing top-notch answers, I would prefer not to compose something very similar over and over. Notwithstanding, I’m posting a couple of more destinations where Quora can be utilized to get more advantages.

  • You can use Quora to get more perspectives for your Products

  • Use Quora to promote your mobile application

  • You can utilize Quora to get progressively social share and awareness post.

quora marketing


When you will invest some time in responding to Quora questions you would then be able to begin to procure money with Quora. Start Quora’s Partner Program. On the off chance that you are an individual, you can earn money through Quora’s partner program.

We will soon come up with a new article about Quora’s Partner Program. So, till then read another article on our Blog which will surely help you to earn money online.