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Problem solving training Display driver stopped responding

Error Display driver stopped responding

All operating systems have problems that sometimes cause the operating system to slow down. Windows operating systems, which are used by about 90% of the world's PCs, are not far from these problems. In this article, we try to look at the error message Display driver stopped responding and has recovered, which is related to problems with graphics cards like NVIDIA (NVIDIA) and AMD (AMD) in Windows. If you have been running this Error for a while and you are tired of it, follow this.

Reasons for displaying error message Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

1- Not installing the latest graphics card update on the computer
2- Excessive time wasting the graphics card while displaying on the monitor
3- Graphic card driver incompatible with your Windows system

Display driver stopped responding message training
Method One: Changing the System Registry The
easiest way to fix a graphics card problem is to change the system registry. To do this, first go to the Start menu and search for Regedit and enter the following path after logging into regedit. .
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Contro Video {7AF9BCD3-F757-4EA5-B911-15582AB49079} 0000
After entering this path, various options of Bios and other Graphic Card information ) You just have to click on the blank side of the screen and create a 32-bit or 64-bit DWORD over either the 32-bit or 64-bit version. After doing this, close the page and restart the system.

Method Two: Installing the Latest Windows Update and Graphics Card Driver
May Fix This Problem By Updating or Updating All Windows Update Files In addition to updating your driver by updating Windows, you can download and install the latest update to the graphics card manufacturer's site. This way, the message Display driver stopped responding and has recovered is likely to be resolved.

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