Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Telegram Tool | Add Unlimited Members to Your Group | Buy it now at Rs 4999/-

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Telegram Tool 2020 Provides Multiple Account Login at one time, auto-switching of numbers and many more if you want to know more must watch this video Once

  • No need to change api id & hash everytime. At once all can be added.
  • Better scrapping using time filter
  • Auto join group
  • Adds through Id no. So no need of username
  • Login through 2 factor password . No need  to lose account anymore.

In telegram new Version tool certain new features has been introduced in order to maximize its efficiency, earlier one the tool is not capable to add those members who does not have username
but now in this tool user can able to add those members also as this tool is fully depended on User-id
this tool contain 7 main files : 

  • Add - the main work of this file is to add members using config, api and phone 
  • Login  - the number listed in Phone.csv file are login though this login.py file
  • Export - the main work of this file is to scrap the members from particular Group
  • Config - in this file we specify the group name from which we have to scrap members and on which we have to add those members
  • Api - in this file we need to enter list of Api-id and there Hash
  • Phone - here you need to enter list of number
  • User - Scrapped Members Username user id will be appear here

In order to use this tool you need the following this installed on your PC :

  1. Notepad ++
  2. Python 3

How to use this tool ?.

first you need to enter the list of number in Phone.csv file like this.

then you need to enter Api-id and there Hash id in Api.csv file

now you need to mention the group name in Config file

Now open Command Prompt and hit the following command in it " pip install telethon "

now open the login file something like this appear

now you need to open export file 

finally you need to open add file to add those members

If you want to buy this tool you can contact me on What's App +91 8927903979

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