Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tips and Tricks for iPhone Settings

This phone is a subsidiary of Apple. Today, in our country, the most popular phones. It is not possible for anyone to work with these phones. Along with the advantages of the iPhone phones, there are some problems with them.

These problems include:

Uninstalling software on the occasions when our company's servers are disconnected for our country cannot be installed and updated. The second problem is the lack of free memory space, which can be an advantage, but the problem is that information cannot normally be poured into the phone and must be handled by the software. The advantage is that it doesn't become viral. The lack of a Persian menu and keyboard is an issue with the iCloud registration that if you forget your password, your phone will no longer be worth it because it can only be returned by Apple. . Another drawback to the advantage of registering iTunes that requires Apple ID is that if you forget your Apple ID, you can no longer do it, and only Apple can return it. The advantage is that each person has an account for himself or herself in Apple that, if it hits on any phone, the information is loaded on that mobile. So don't worry about losing that information. Sometimes it may not find nearby modems in the network area. One of the advantages of Hotspot is that the Internet can be shared with others. Overall removal of software and games without leaving any information inside the phone.

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