Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Troubleshooting Apple ID

Apple ID is your ID on the Apple site. This ID is the email address you introduce to Apple so your Apple ID can be your email in Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, RockMe ... when you have an iPhone, Turn on your purchased iPod, iPad, Mac for the first time. A message will be displayed telling you to sign in with your Apple ID, and you can sign up for Apple's entire service by building an Apple ID and signing up for it. Automatically set up benefit.
Including :

App Store, iCloud, iTunes, Find My iPhone, Face Time, iMessage, Game Center
Benefits of Apple ID:

1. Download free apps and games from the App store
2. Download music and videos from iTunes
3. Use 5GB (GB) of free iCloud Drive space
4. Sync various information like phone numbers, Safari bookmarks, notes ... between different Apple devices
5. Use iDevice geolocation and Mac computer
6. Use iMesseage to chat with other Apple device owners
7. Use Face & Video Conversation Service Time
8. Using Apple Music and ...

How to build Apple ID with iTunes:
1. Open iTunes software (be it an older version with no error message).
Select the App Store tab after visiting the Apps section.
3. Once you've downloaded the App Store, look for an app or game that should be free and then click on Get on the download page.
4. Here's your Apple ID and you click Create Apple ID.
5. Then Continue.
6. Select the checkbox here and then click Agree.
7. Then enter your email in the first box that opens.
8. In the next box, specify your password.
9. Choose and answer 3 security questions in this section. Be careful in selecting and answering these questions, as they can be used for password recovery.
10. In the next box you can enter an email as a backup email.
Enter your date of birth.
12. If you would like to receive iTunes newsletters or various announcements from the store, enable Double Tick.
13. Finally, click Continue.

This is where the first step of creating an account ends and you have to go to the second step.
1. Here's the first option If none of the apps you originally selected were free.
2. If you have a Gift card or a discount code you can enter in this box.
3. Enter your first name in the First Name box and your last name in the Last Name box.
4. In the street, bldg, suite, apt sections you can enter any address.
Enter Berkeley in the city section, select CA California from the states, and enter Zip Code 94704.
6. In the Area Code box 510 you can enter any 7-digit phone number in the Phone field.
7. Finally, click the Create Apple ID button.

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