Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Troubleshooting Blue Screen of Windows Death

Blue Screen of Death Windows Blue Screen

You must have encountered a blue screen error or blue screen on your Windows system. This error message will cause the system to crash and restart. Error or Error under various names, most commonly known as Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD, known as Stop Error. Here's a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting the Blue Screen of Death.

Step by step tutorial on troubleshooting blue screen in Windows
The most important step you can take to fix a blue screen problem in Windows is to ask yourself what you have done recently on the system. Probably one of the things you did cause a problem. Repeat the tasks or actions you took and test again if the Blue Screen of Death or Blue Screen problem has been fixed.
The second step in fixing the Blue Screen is to check the amount of free space on the operating system drive. Some of the blue screen errors are due to insufficient hard disk space. The Windows operating system should have at least 100 MB of free space if it doesn't have the space to have a blue screen of death or a Blue Screen problem. To resolve this problem, delete the unused desktop files.
The third step is a virus or malicious file that can damage the system's boot record, known as MBR, or infect the Boot Sector or install an antivirus or antivirus solution Update the virus and scan the system thoroughly.
The Next Step That Can Fix the Blue Screen of Death in Windows Download and install updates or updates provided by Microsoft To enable Windows Update, Microsoft is usually depending on users' needs. Doing so will most likely not end up with a blue screen.
The Next Step is Downloading and Installing Hardware Driver Updates Drivers are also usually updated every once in a while.
6. The next important step is to restore the Bios settings to their default settings. Incorrect Bios settings can be one of the reasons for the Blue Screen.
7- Another step to fix the blue screen of death is to check hardware components connected to the system board that are not loose or disconnected and are connected.
8. Another issue that may cause a blue screen or blue screen is RAM and Hard Disk Errors that you should check. Replace another hard drive or RAM and test the system again.
9- The last step to fix the Blue Screen of Death or Blue Screen is to update the firmware or firmware related to Bios.
Doing so will solve the Blue Screen of Death or the Blue Screen somewhat.

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