Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Troubleshooting tutorial for MSVCP140.dll

Error MSVCP140.dll

Msvcp140.dll error is one of the errors that you may encounter while running some software in Windows. The reason for this error was that the MSVCP140.dll file was not displayed while running some games, Skype and software.

Steps to Fix MSVCP140.dll Error Message

To solve this problem, we first need to know the cause of this message. The MSVCP140.dll file is one of the components of Visual Studio 2015's Redistributable Visual C ++ Redistributable.
The first solution to this error is to check the Windows Recovery Bin to find missing files. Sometimes, unwanted users delete * .dll files, which can cause problems when running some software. Find the files and restore them to fix the problem.
Second Solution: If the MSVCP140.dll file was not recovered among the deleted files, it is best to download the file. Many websites and sites are able to download * .dll files and download it in a 32-bit (64-bit) or 64-bit version of Windows in one of the c: windows system 32 or c folders. : windows syswow64 Copy.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSVCP140.dll message
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