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How To Download Instagram Videos? Explained In Just 2 Steps by Keval News

Here are simple and easy steps on how to download Instagram videos. Most Instagram videos being 59 seconds long makes it easier for the user to watch, download, and forward. You can even download Instagram TV videos that are more than 59 seconds, steps being the same for both of them.

Here is a step by step explanation on how to download Instagram videos:

Step 1:

Copy the video link you wish to download. The link can be copied after pressing those 3 dots in an Instagram post.

Step 2:

Now paste that copied link in the following site:

Wohoooo! Can there be any more easy steps than this one? No right. Now download an Instagram video in seconds.

Instagram Video Downloader or is a website to download Instagram videos to your computer, mobile or tablet. With - Instagram Video Downloader, you can convert and download Instagram videos in Ultra High Quality MP4 format.We developed this tool because Instagram does not allow you to download videos or photos. We tried to make Instagram to MP4 downloader as simple as possible so that user does not face any issues while downloading the Instagram videos. Our website to Download Instagram Videos extracts mp4 video link for the Instagram video. After video links are extracted, you are redirected to the webpage, where you can see the Instagram video playing. Below that video player, you will see a 'Download Video' button. Just click on that and your downloading will start.

Some of the Instagram accounts are private, so the private Instagram videos are not accessable from our server. So, to download private Instagram videos, you can use our 'Private Instagram Video Downloader'.
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