Saturday, 19 September 2020

New launches Price leaked just before Nokia 2.4, find out feature Keval news

Nokia's different smartphones have been waiting for some time now. The company is coming to the market with a new model. Such rumors were flowing. Nokia 2.4 can be pre-booked from the US. Online listing for this has started. Nokia Power users were the first to share some information about this phone.
Nokia 2.4 launches

Nokia 2.4 model number TA 1274 is listed on a US retail website. From which it was clarified that Nokia 2.4 dual SIM model will be available from USA. The pre-order listing also revealed that the Nokia 2.4 32GB will be priced at 139 139, or Rs 10,200. This phone is dated. Will be reselling on November 2nd. The handset is listed in gray colors on the retailing website. Nokia 2.4 Mobile 2 and 3 GB RAM models will be launched in the market. The mobile will also have 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage. The phone will also be available in Gray, Blue and Purple. Apart from this, Nokia 2.4 is expected to have Octacore Media Tech Helia P22 processor. Nokia has codenamed this mobile Wolverine.

At one time Nokia's phones were considered to be powerful battery powered phones. Realmy and Redmi have covered the market well in the last one year. Samsung, on the other hand, also has the option of launching new models starting with the M and S series. But the special thing is that when it comes to most features in a small budget, most people choose Redmi or Realmi. Currently most mobiles now come with 3 or 4 cameras. It is also the first choice of people due to its powerful battery backup. Realm launched three back-to-back models of new models of mobiles. These include RealMe 6, RealMe 6 Pro and 7 Series. Nokia has not commented or commented on the new model.

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