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Happy Fathers Day 2021 : June 21 - Download Images, Photos and Wallpapers

Father’s day is celebrated in June every year. It is celebrated across the globe to recognize the contribution that fathers make lives of their children.

It was first celebrated as a church service at Williams memorial episcopal church south, now know as central united Methodist church the first father’s day was held in the USA on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. St Joseph’s Day is also observed as the celebration of fatherhood, but the Copts observe this celebration on July 20.

Thus, in the beginning, it was only celebrated in catholic traditions until the 20th century. It has been celebrated on March 19 since the middle ages in Catholic countries of Europe. Celebrating father’s day in India is a new concept.

On this day people used to honor their fathers who have a great contribution and a huge impact on their lives. Everyone has their way to celebrate Father's day. Some of us give cards, gifts or flowers to their fathers, some prefer to dine out and some spend the whole day with their fathers.

Fathers make us realie that responsibility does not end at conception. Our father is our role model, a powerhouse of talent, a fount of wisdom and one with immense reserves of patience. Father's Day is just a way of telling our father that in his time of need, his son and/or daughter will forever be by his side, no matter what. To keep the paternal bond lasting and ever-strong, everyone’s effort is to make this day memorable.

Many cultural societies and schools in India organize cultural programs on father's day. The idea behind their cultural programs is to inspire children to respect their dad and realizing then how special they are to have a dad. Fathers are also encouraged to spend quality time with their children and spread love, values, and manners in them.

Mothers are considered birth givers who take care of the family and nurture their children. Similarly, Father is the support system of the family. Father plays a big role in the life of children in making life discipline, giving ethics and in guiding at every point possible.

Fathers struggle the whole day and make a life of their children, provide all the things that children demand but never show what they do for their children the whole day.
No doubt as much as mothers are important fathers too is an important part of the family. So take some time out and spend it with your father and make him feel special.

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