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Health Is Better Than Wealth [Updated]

Health Is Better Than Wealth – By Tofani Developers

Health Is Better Than Wealth: in My Opinions, Health is Always important More than Wealth Because If Your Health is Best, You Will Also Earn More Wealth.

Good Health is very important, valuable, and crucial.

When the mind is at peace that a great deal can be accomplished concerning name, fame, and cash. Having excessive wealth without good health isn’t of any use.

No quantity of wealth will have the ability to bring back a broken limb or handicap. At best wealth can simply find the best remedies but can’t give a healthy body. Having a healthy body impossible feats look simple.

Health Is Better Than Wealth
  • Health Is Better Than Wealth – By Tofani Developers
    • Health Is Better Than Wealth [Example]
      • Final Words:

Health Is Better Than Wealth [Example]

Health Is Better Than Wealth

Sanjay and Prasad were good pals. Prasad was a really wealthy man who thought that wealth was all in existence. Prasad worked really tough to make cash and felt that because he had been working hard, he had every right to enjoy life also.

Sanjay on the other hand considered that a healthy mind was much more important than cash.

Sanjay exercised frequently and has been very cautious about healthful and healthy meals.

Since he grew wealthier, Prasad became hooked on alcohol and became a drunkard. When Sanjay attempted to subject himPrasad brushed aside his worries as being dumb.

1 night as he was coming home from a party, Prasad had been under the influence of alcohol and also lost control of the vehicle that he was driving.

Because of this, the car crashed against a lorry and he had been severely hurt. Following extended hospitalization Prasad recovered however he’d had hurt his spine badly he had been restricted to a wheelchair for life.

Sanjay was pained to see his buddy in this nation but he’d cautioned him a sufficient number of occasions. Though Prasad had more than enough cash and amenities to live a lifetime of intense relaxation, his movements have been limited as a result of the absence of health.

If he’d paid attention to his friend’s words and took him deep, Prasad wouldn’t have been within this bed-ridden condition for the remainder of his life. Obviously, the very best things seem just after the time is over to them.

He was quite miserable and disappointed and just now realized the real value of his buddy’s advice – good health was better than any quantity of wealth.

Final Words:

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